How To Get Rid of Belching

One of the most embarrassing moments in a person’s life can be when they are found belching at the dinner table in front of other people. Not only belching is considered to be inappropriate in front of others, it is also considered to be a bad manner by people.

A Mouthful of Gas

I am sure that no one has ever given it a thought, but belching along with being an inappropriate manner can also take the form of a disease, and thus, learning about the causes and ways to prevent belching becomes very essential especially for those who are facing embarrassment due to this problem.

Belching occurs when gas emitted from the stomach comes out through your mouth, making a strange sound and sometimes even a weird smell. In a common man’s word it is usually termed as burping.

The main reason that causes belching is the production of too much of gas in the stomach. This gas is produced in the stomach when you eat too much of junk food, consume too many carbonated drinks, eat really fast or even if you talk while you eat. Another reason for this gas is the digestion process that takes place within every human. Whenever the digestion of food takes place, some gases are released in order to convert complex food into simplified enzymes. If you do not eat in a proper manner in the first place, the system will take a relatively longer time to break down the food and therefore, more gas will be formed.

How to do away with belching?

In order to completely do away with belching, some things are needed to be taken care of, so as to prevent the production of too much gas in the stomach:-

  • Gas related medications.Using medication to cut down on gas likeconsumption of antacids, lactacids and lactrase can really help you in reduction of burping on the dinner table.
  • Regular exercising helps to keep the digestive system more competent and thus, enables it to function well and easy emission of gas becomes possible.
  • Diet modification. Edibles that are abundant sources of insoluble fiber like cereals and bananas should be reduced and not completely removed as it is very essential for our health. Carbonated drinks must be avoided as they are one of the major cause of gas.
  • Change your eating habits. Eating habits like chewing the food properly and slowly must be followed strictly, while habits like talking while eating food, over eating and eating big bytes must be avoided.
  • Stop smoking. While smoking, you tend to take in smoke and as your lungs inhale larger amounts of smoke, there are high chances that this impure and hazardous air might enter the stomach via lungs and cause gas and other problems too.

Belching not only is considered to be a bad and a disapproved manner at social gatherings, it also causes stomach gas and even pain. However, it does not lead to any kind of an alarming situation.