How To Get Rid of Blood Blisters

A blood blister can be irritating and may be painful at times. It may also look unappealing to anyone. However, it may be treated well without having to open any part of the skin. It should be treated appropriately to make sure that the pain and swelling are relieved without trying to open it.

What is a Blood Blister?

A blood blister is a blister that typically appears on your fingers but it could technically appear in any spot on your body that has been forced into a great deal of pressure. A blood blister is where a bump with fluid inside of it can develop in an area around the skin. This will develop a red color and may not actually have any blood inside of it.

This condition often takes the shape of a small circle or spot. It may be harmful when touched upon and it could develop into an infection in the event that the area is not treated properly.

Causes of Blood Blisters

Blood blisters are usually caused by pinching or burning in a part of the body. It can cause fluids to pool up over time as the area starts to feel irritated and the circulation in the area stops.

This can also be caused by existing viral infections. It may be caused by some allergens or chemicals depending on what might have happened and where you were as it developed.

Blood blister

Remedies to Get Rid of Blood Blisters

It may be easier for you to treat blood blisters if you use a few simple ideas. The most important thing before trying any idea is to avoid trying to break anything open. Doing so can cause bleeding and can increase the chance for the blister to become infected. There is not much of a chance that it will drain out all the way even if you did try to break it open.

The blister can heal on its own if it is not bothered but it can be treated sooner to keep the pain or risk from being worse if these options are used. These include many functions that are relatively easy to manage and do not require any harmful medications or other chemicals to help with treating the problem.

1. Aloe Vera Can Treat The Problem

Aloe vera

  • Derived from the natural plant, aloe vera gel is known to be an anti-inflammatory agent that will ease the sensations around the blister regardless of how large it might be.
  • This should cool off the blister and relax the area so it will be more likely to dissipate and less likely to spread or become too intense around the body.

2. Soak The Area In Cool Water On Occasion

  • Cool water helps to keep the irritation from a blister from being serious and dramatic.
  • This may be used on a bandage that you’ve applied onto the blister. It helps to naturally ease the bandage to make it a little easier to take off. It dulls the pain associated with the blister.

3. Ice Is Also Useful For Keeping Internal Bleeding Down


  • Ice will shrink the blood vessels in the area around the blister, thus keeping it from being too active. This keeps the blister from being overly irritated and should especially be useful for applying other treatments onto it.
  • Be sure to apply a towel around any ice pack or other cold material to use on the blister before applying it onto the skin.

4. Cucumber Extracts Can Strengthen The Skin


  • The cucumber extract will heal the skin around the blister by using silica. Silica is a natural mineral that makes the connective tissues around the blister a little stronger, thus keeping the impacted skin from suffering through more damage.
  • Take a refrigerated cucumber and slice it several times to get enough of its juices out. Apply these juices under the blister for a few minutes at a time.
  • Cucumber juice may also be useful provided that it is organic and comes from actually cucumbers without any artificial ingredients. It is best to stick with actual cucumbers when treating the problem regardless of what the issue may be.

5. Epsom Salt Makes The Blister Relieve Itself

Epsom Salt

  • Epsom salt has anti-inflammatory properties that keep blisters from being too irritating to manage.
  • You can take warm water and mix it with Epsom salt to make it blend well. Use the mixture to clean the area where the blood blister is for about a minute or two.
  • The warm water and the anti-inflammatory support from Epsom salt will help you to ease the blister and to also prevent serious pains and inflammation from developing in the area. It may also help to get the blister to relieve some of its pressures in a gentle manner over time.
  • Be sure that the salt mixture is as smooth as possible on all spots around your skin. This is to keep it from feeling irritated and potentially worn out.

6. Witch Hazel Is A Natural Astringent

Blood Blisters

  • Witch hazel may be applied over a blister and used to relieve pain and inflammation in the area. This is thanks to the use of astringent compounds inside the substance. It may be useful for healing blisters if you use it about three times each day until the blister starts the heal up or become less visible.