How To Get Rid of Bowens Disease

Are you aware of the risks that come with Bowen’s disease? This is a condition that causes red scaly spots around the skin. Cells that grow on the outside parts of the skin can cause this to occur when they grow improperly. You must particularly work to control this condition because in some cases it could develop into squamous cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer. It could move around your body if it is not controlled soon enough.

You have to get rid of Bowen’s disease before it can get worse. Could you be at risk of developing skin cancer if it is not treated? It’s hard to say but there are a number of important things that you must do.

Get a Proper Diagnosis

Your doctor has to check on your skin and analyze it through a skin biopsy. A sample of skin is taken and analyzed to determine what the cell structure of the area is like. This could be used to determine if the cells that are causing your problem are ones that are related to Bowen’s disease.

Surgery May Be Used

A surgical procedure can be used to get rid of areas around your skin where Bowen’s disease can be present. You may have an easier time with using this if you are dealing with small spots that have been influenced by Bowen’s disease.

Cryotherapy Can Work

Cryotherapy is a procedure you can get to treat Bowen’s disease. This is where the impacted areas are frozen with liquid nitrogen and then removed. This should work on the outside parts of the skin that have been influenced by the condition.

Chemotherapy Creams Could Work

Stronger topical creams can be used for your condition. These include creams that are traditionally used for chemotherapy purposes. Creams like Efudix or Aldara are used to control the immune system. This should keep your condition from being worse than it is. You have to use this carefully because these creams can cause redness in most cases. The redness should still be kept to where it is relaxed and comfortable.

Laser Treatments are Popular

You could take advantage of a laser treatment to keep the condition under control. A laser treatment may be used by targeting a large part of your skin in conjunction with a photosensitizing material applied to the impacted area. This could be used to keep the cells on your skin from being too serious in terms of how they are developing. The amount of time for getting this treatment to work could take weeks or months according to the number of sessions your doctor recommends for treating the problem this way.

You have to be aware of what you are doing when you are getting Bowen’s disease under control. The procedures used here should work well to keep the condition from being too hostile. They should be made to keep Bowen’s disease from developing to where it could potentially become cancerous and dangerous to other parts of your body.