How To Get Rid of Brain Freeze

Brain freeze is what usually occurs when a person attempts to drink or eat a large portion of ice cream or freezing-cold beverage too fast. You can prevent this problem and you can learn how to get rid of brain freeze.

The Cause

If the food you are eating is too cold it sends off nerves to your brain, indicating that you have consumed way too much in a short sitting. As the nerve signals are sent to your brain indicating that what you are eating is too cold, your blood vessels swell up.

This causes a pain in your brain that causes very brief headache symptoms. It normally is not a harmful problem, but it can be quite uncomfortable, and usually occurs because your brain nerves are so close to the roof of your mouth.

How to Get Rid of Brain Freeze

For starters sip and not gulp your cold drinks, especially if they are partially frozen! The same is true of ice cream. Make sure you do not take too large of bites and do not swallow it too quickly.

Furthermore prevent from taking too many bites or drinks at a time. Just allow one small mouth full of food or drink dissolve and travel down to your stomach before you attempt to take another bit or drink.

You can also take this advice (with some solutions being used before or after you take your first frigid cold drink or bite):

  • Warm the food or drink in your mouth or on your tongue before you attempt to swallow. Try not to let it touch your palate (the soft part of the roof of your mouth close to your throat) before you swallow.
  • Warm up the roof of your mouth by touching your tongue to it. You can do this by rolling your tongue into a ball and then pressing the bottom of your tongue against the roof of your mouth, against your soft palate (back of the roof of your mouth).
  • Drink a warm beverage afterwards. Any warm drink such as coffee, tea, apple cider, hot chocolate, or even plain water would do the trick. Your headache will go away much faster.
  • Press your thumb to your palate. It warms your palate in a similar way as your tongue. Make sure you have clean hands when you do this, of course or you could catch germs that cause sickness. You might not like the salty taste of your thumb, either.
  • Take a break for a minute. You can just stop eating or drinking your frozen food or beverage for a few seconds. This very abrupt headache should disappear very quickly.

Additional Advice

The above tips are a bit more straightforward and seem to do the job. However, some people also swear that holding your breath or pinching your nose during a brain freeze helps.

Whether it is true or not is up to you to figure out. Another alternative solution would be to press the area between your eyes and your brow bridge, as this is where headaches often originate.