How To Get Rid of Breast Implants

Men and women often get breast or chest implants. They do it as a way to improve their outer appearance so they feel and look more confident. However, sometimes people no longer want them.

In fact, many men and women want to learn how to get rid of breast implants after having them. Oftentimes it is just simply because they were not happy with the results or maybe they (or a significant other) misses the “old” version of them selves.

Usually the steps to get rid of breast implants are as follows:

1. Consult the doctor or surgeon who performed your operation. In doing so you might need to explain the reason you want the implant removed. For instance, maybe one of them has shrunk or perhaps they are not the shape or size you wanted. It could also be that the fluid inside them is leaking.

2. Allow your doctor to assess your current situation. A careful examination and thorough consultation regarding the condition of your breasts would be the first step. Then, the surgeon would decide on the best course of action. For instance, if you have saline implants your doctor may want to deflat them before removal. More steps may be required if you have textured or foam-covered implants, especially if they are silicone.

3. Of course, cost is a consideration. The best way to get an accurate assessments of breast implant removal expenses is to share your concerns honestly with your doctor. The examination of your current breasts and implants also will help determine cost.

In the mean time, expect the procedure to cost somewhere between $1,000 to $4,000. Some insurances cover all aspects of this process but some do not. Keep that in mind when deciding if you can afford implant removal.

4. Schedule time for this procedure. Depending on the steps required, a surgical removal of implants can be completed in as little time as a half hour. However, if the capsules around the breasts need to be removed this could take considerably longer than just removing the implants.

5. Give yourself time to recover. A minimum of few days of rest is needed for recovery. However full recovery from advanced invasive methods of implant removal requires two to three weeks of recovery time. During this time swelling, bruising and other bruising could occur.

6. Assess the risk associated with removal. Similar risks occur with removal as with implant. You might experience bleeding, infection, and scarring as well as changes in breast size and nipple sensation. Firmness of the breast could also be altered.

Additional possible consequences: Delayed healing, allergic reaction, sagging, or leaking could also occur during removal.

Reasons for Removal

Removal of your saline or silicone breasts could provide you with some relief of complications you previously experienced. You may also just learn to appreciate your body more the way it was after experiencing this change.

You may realize you really did not like the change as much as you thought you would, and you may think twice of taking such an action again. In any case, you should not be hard on yourself for putting yourself through this and then changing your mind. Also realize that some people have received breast surgery for medical reasons, such as the prevention of cancer spread.