How To Get Rid of Bulimia Nervosa

Each one of us has a tendency to overeat during different times in life. Some overeat during stress, some to kill their boredom and loneliness, while others might overeat in times of extreme happiness. Bulimia nervosa is a mental condition wherein the patient indulges in frequent binge eating sessions. The binging process is followed by constant purging, vigorous exercise and fasting to do away with the additional intake of calories. Consequently, this cycle of binging and starving affects the person’s physical and emotional health.


Overeating and then balancing it with workout to manage weight is common. But, this very general and common habit can get weird if it takes the form of an eating disorder. Here are some chief indicators to determine if you are a bulimic.

  • Obsession about body weight and appearance
  • Your life is dominated by food and dieting
  • Avoid eating for the fear of being unable to stop
  • Guilt feeling followed by eating
  • Make attempts like vomit or taking laxatives for weight management
  • Excessive or vigorous exercise to compensate the calorie intake

Home Remedies

As per studies conducted by various health organizations and universities, the best way to deal with bulimia nervosa is an approach that involves a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy, support groups and medicinal support. Besides, there are also certain home remedies that can help you deal effectively with bulimia nervosa. Some of these home remedies are highlighted below.

1. Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Aloe vera is one of the best remedies to treat bulimia nervosa. Aloe vera juice has soothing properties. It relieves bloating in stomach and helps improve the condition. Consuming 1 tablespoon of aloe juice every day can show effective results.

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2. Ginseng


Ginseng is a natural source of energy. Proper usage and consumption of this herb can prove really effective to treat bulimia nervosa. It aids proper stimulation of appetite. It helps to manage stress as well. Consuming appropriate quantities every day before meal, can provide desired results and help your body get back to normal routine and appetite.

3. Probiotics

Probiotic Drinks

Patients with eating disorders might experience deficiency of certain nutrients, even healthy bacteria in the gut. Including probiotics as supplements in your diet increases the absorption of nutrients and heals the digestive system as well. The source of probiotics is natural yoghurt.

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4. Spinach

spinach juice

This green leafy vegetable is highly beneficial for every aspect of health. The high count of folic acid reduces depression and manages stress. Above all, spinach provides relief from the mental and dietary consequences of the disorder.

5. Oranges

Orange Juice Effective For Weight Loss

Fruits and veggies form an integral part of any nutritional plan, especially for those affected by eating disorders like bulimia nervosa. Oranges contain natural stimulators for appetite. Make it a habit to have 1-2 oranges before every meal for proper and normal functioning of digestive system. Additionally, oranges prevent the chances of binging thus making the appetite return to normal.

6. Salmon


Salmon is a fatty fish recommended highly for bulimia patients. The high count of omega-3s along with other exceptional minerals (that cannot be obtained from any other food source) helps rebalance the metabolism and digestive organs. It also helps in rebuilding hormonal balance, improving moods, reducing anxiety and relieving chronic stress that is responsible for this eating disorder.

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Lifestyle Changes for Bulimia Nervosa

  • Yoga – This is probably the most effective way to deal with impulsive behavioral attributes of bulimia nervosa. Yoga is known to be effective in relieving emotional anguish and stress. It calms the mind and also improves control over body. Therefore, it proves really helpful for patients of bulimia nervosa. Many practitioners recommend yoga as an integral part of treatment for bulimia nervosa.
  • Meditation – Meditation has always proved helpful to treat any ailment and so it does for bulimia nervosa. It helps in calming your mind along with allowing you to focus on your inner self. This makes the person realize that it is not difficult to control impulsive behaviors like binging and purging, thus improving self image. However, meditation requires a lot of practice but is completely harmless to try.
  • Emotional Self-care – This is the most effective method to deal bulimia in a natural way. Start caring for yourself again. Low self-esteem is related directly to self-image. It has been observed patients describe low esteem as the trigger of this eating disorder. Thoughtful consideration to the causes of these changes and further developing positive thoughts about your body and appearance can show effective results on the problem.

Home treatments for bulimia nervosa can help great deal to treat the problem. It is, however, important to combine these remedies with medicines, doctor’s advice, professional counseling and a registered dietician for best and safe results. A combination of psychological and pharmacological treatments can provide effective and positive results. So, complement your medication with these home remedies, dietary strategies and lifestyle changes for a normal and healthy life.