How To Get Rid of Cataracts

The eye is one of the most advanced sensory organs in the body, and it plays a tremendous role in daily functioning. The problem with this great organ is that when it is damaged the consequences are profound. Cataracts are one of the most common eye problems and cause a great deal of distress to those suffering with them. Whether you have cataracts or know of somebody who does, or whether you just want to expand your knowledge base, here is a look at cataracts and how to get rid of them.


Different types of cataracts

  1. Nuclear: a nuclear cataract occurs in the centre of the lens. With this type you may suffer from shortsightedness, which is the inability to see far. This may incidentally help with better reading. The eye in this case has trouble with focusing light so seeing in dim light is tough.
  2. Cortical: this cataract occurs on the outer edge of the lens cortex, and is a white wedge-shaped lesion. The most common problem associated with this type of cataract is glare.
  3. Subcapsular: this type of cataract is found just under the lens, and presents as an opaque lesion. It gives the problem of vision trouble in bright light. It also has a high chance of affecting reading ability.

Getting rid of cataracts

  • See a professional: if you find that you are having trouble with your reading and your vision then you should consult a professional, even if you wear glasses and think it is just time for a new pair. Your first port of call should be an optometrist or your general doctor. Going to seek help early on will allow the cataracts to be caught in time.
  • Use proper glasses: there are many different types of reading glasses available at stores that people buy for reading but the problem is these are either to weak or too strong for the eyes. It is only when you get a pair of prescription glasses that you will be able to see and read properly using the proper strength lenses.
  • Better lighting: try to read in good light, using things like desk lamps, and avoid driving at night
  • Surgery: there is surgery available for the removal of cataracts, and it is important that you read up about exactly what is entailed and the risks involved. You can get this information from your doctor or your eye specialist.

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