How To Get Rid of Dysplastic Nevi

Are you aware of how dysplastic nevi could develop on your skin? Dysplastic nevi relate to an unusual-sounding term that involves unusual moles. These moles can develop in many spots around your skin. You need to make sure that you can get rid of them as soon as possible. You must make sure that you get an appropriate treatment going if you are to keep your body healthy without risking anything coming from melanoma and other forms of skin cancer.

How to Find Them

You can tell that you have dysplastic nevi if you see moles that look unusual. There are many signs to find when you are getting your moles taken care of as well as possible:

  • It can be larger than a typical mole. It could be at least five millimeters wide.
  • It may have a number of different colors including brown and pink together.
  • The size of the mole might be irregular. It won’t have the circular or oval shape that a normal mole would have.

Why Treating is Necessary

You have to keep your moles treated properly if you see them. However, you may not have any cancerous problems in the area. Did you know that not all dysplastic nevi are signs of cancer? Still, you should observe any dysplastic nevi on your skin and get a treatment soon if one of the following issues occurs:

  • The mole’s color changes
  • The size change
  • The mole starts to feel unusual
  • You begin to feel an itching sensation around the mole
  • Something starts coming out of the area like blood

How is the Issue Removed?

You can get rid of a mole in many forms. Here’s a list of some of the ways how you can get a treatment taken care of:

  1. Surgery can be used to remove the moles from your body. It could involve scarring in some of the most significant cases.
  2. Electrosurgery is a newer treatment that involves shaving the area and then by destroying the tissues with electric heat.
  3. Cyrosurgery involves freezing the skin that the mole is on and removing the area. Liquid nitrogen is used in the process.
  4. Medicated acids may be prescribed to you to keep dysplastic nevi out of the way. It may take a few weeks but it is recommended for minor cases on different spots on your body.
  5. A laser treatment could be used to support your moles by using laser heat to get into the deeper parts of the skin where the moles are located in. This has to be done to protect your body without anything being too invasive. It can also be used without creating a great amount of scarring in the area.

You have to be aware of how your dysplastic nevi could develop on your skin. Getting rid of these dysplastic nevi is important to do because these could be risky to your health and your body if they develop in unusual ways.