How To Get Rid of Ear Hair

Are you aware of the fact that your ear hair might not just be handed down by your ancestors? A lot of scientific research into this matter proves that heredity has not much to do with ear hairs sticking out. And yes, they are pretty unsightly.

So have you thought about removing them?

Well, if you have thought of removing ear hair but never really got the courage or the method right, we would help. First of all, let us examine the effective ways of removing them. There are quite a few tried and tested methods. Do not even attempt to do ridiculous procedures to your sensitive ears. Just try out the methods that are discussed, because these are probably the best set of methods which would help you reduce and diminish the number of your ear hairs.

1. Get the noticeable amount of hair on your ears shaved off. Clearly, the goal here is to keep the hair cut and trimmed off your ear so that it gets easier to shave. Bring your courage up and just go for the hair on your outer ear and shave the unnecessary bits away.
2. Cut it off. It is simple, it is easy, and it is something you should make a habit of. When you see unsightly hair cropping up, just bring out your scissors and snip around the base.
3. Laser Hair Removal is another simple procedure. You would need the aid of a doctor, and yes, this is expensive. But rest assured, you get a professional to do the job, and it would be done to the best of their abilities. And the best thing is, this procedure is more lasting than the previous two, as it removes the offending hairs right from their roots, effectively killing off the follicle which can lead to fast re-growth. This is something which shaving or cutting does not do. And go to a reputed doctor, please, who knows what he is doing. Remember, the laser would pass through your skin and decimate your hair right down to its follicle, and you would be seeing a much less and finer hair growth later.
4. Electric razors are meant especially for these can be a great asset to your grooming accessories. This is a neat gadget which keeps them trim, and makes sure you look good no matter where.
5. You can use chemicals that melt away ear hair. They are available at drugstores, and you can select a good brand. However, before using any sort of cream, make sure it suits your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, it might break out in a rash if you are not using the right chemicals. Same advice goes for depilatory creams which should be patch-tested before usage. For instructions on that, you can check the literature that comes with the packets of the product.

The most important factor is regularity, and that is required in any form of grooming. Make this a habit and you would never have to suffer from the problem.