How To Get Rid of Eye Twitching

Surprisingly it is possible for eye twitching to end. If you want to get rid of eye twitching one or more of a variety of methods can be used.

If you experience spasms in your eye muscles, such as in your eyelids or the corners of your eyes pay attention. These tips might relieve you from some minor but annoying discomfort.

One Important Word

Before we get started, it should be made aware that although twitching in and of itself is not a serious problem it can eventually cause blindness. You should also note that muscle twitching is an early sign of Parkinson’s disease in some people.

You should get a doctor’s check-up regularly just to be safe. Ask your doctor how to deal with this issue, and then use the tips you see below:

Cut down on the use of coffee. You really should not be drinking more than one or two cups per day, or it can be harmful for you. Likewise, remember that a cup of stronger tasting coffee has more caffeine so adjust your intake accordingly. This is a concern because one of the symptoms of excess caffeine use is muscle twitching.

Get plenty of rest on a regular basis. If you go to sleep regularly at regular times it can reduce the amount of stress in your life. This reduced stress can lead to an overall sense of better well being and you can think more clearly. One minor positive benefit is the possibility of no more eye twitching.

Use relaxation techniques. Maybe you can get a message or you can take a warm bath. This will help relax all your muscles and help them return to their normal functioning. Relaxation techniques such as meditation, prayer, or counseling also can help reduce stress so that your muscles are less tense.

Consider some lesser-known remedies. For instance, not many people know or realize that antihistamines can relax your eye and help stop twitching. You might also find benefit from acupuncture or other stress-reduction treatments, such as mentioned earlier (message).

For more Severe Conditions

Botox injections are normally for cosmetic treatments. However, these also are applied to cases in which muscle twitching is more of a serious issue that can interfere with your sight.

In more severe cases, sometimes the muscles need to be conditioned more so than could be done by a massage or acupuncture. Some kind of physical or occupational therapy might be needed.

Another option would be to try a muscle-relaxing drug. However, in this case usually what happens is the effect of the drug wears off after continual use. What is worse is that some drugs used to relax muscles are potentially habit-forming.

However, if the condition can be controlled by medication surgery might not be needed. This is really a last resort and should not be a decision that is made lightly, as scarring, infection, or other problem could occur especially in the eyes.


You are presented above with a variety of choices of treatments. However, you should not really consider any medicinal or therapeutic approaches without the advice of some kind of health professional.

The level of care needed depends on the severity of the twitching. Usually it is cause for concern especially when the condition interferes with your work or taking care of your family.