How To Get Rid of Fatty Liver

When excess fat accumulates in the liver cells, fatty liver disease sets in. When this happens, fatty tissue replaces healthy liver tissue; the fat soon starts to enter the liver and takes over the healthy liver, leaving less and less of healthy liver tissue.

How is Fatty Liver Identified?

Fatty liver is yellow in color and has a greasy texture. It is usually enlarged and distended with fat. When the fatty liver enters the liver, it slows down the rate of metabolism of body fat deposits so that the liver burns with less efficiency and individuals diagnosed with this disease tend to put on weight.

Fatty liver disease is also known as Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). It is usually linked with insulin resistance and abdominal obesity and is usually seen in those who suffer from type 2 diabetes.

Fatty Liver


Inappropriate diet, lack of exercise, overweight, alcoholism and diabetes are causes of fatty liver disease. Usually, people feel unwell and become increasingly tired and overweight. Their liver enzymes show up in a blood test to be on the high side.

Ways to Get Rid of Fatty Liver

Fortunately, there are many effective remedies for fatty liver. Here are the most tried and tested of them all:

Dietary Methods of Getting Rid of Fatty Liver:

1. Eat Veggies, Good Fats and Proteins

A salad of raw veggies and fruits are the best foods for reversing fatty liver disease. They help clean and repair the liver so that it removes fat and harmful toxins from the blood.

Protein contributes to keeping a stable blood sugar level, apart from helping lose abdominal weight and reducing hunger pangs. Protein foods like seafood, nuts, eggs, legumes, poultry and yogurt should be eaten with each meal.

Healthy fats such as oily fish, Chia seeds, flax seeds, olive oil, nuts and seeds are healthy for you.

2. Drink Vegetable Juice

Drink a variety of vegetable juices, about two or three times a week. Citrus fruit juices are also healthy for a good liver.

3. Reduce your Alcohol Intake

Drinking alcohol excessively is the No. 2 reason for the development of fatty liver disease. It can lead to inflammation in the liver and damage the liver cells, allowing for fatty disease to set in.

4. Reduce Intake of Saturated Fats

Saturated fats can cause weight gain, high cholesterol levels and blood pressure and greater insulin resistance. By reducing these fats, you can get rid of fatty liver disease. So, stop eating red meat, butter and cheese.

5. Increase Unsaturated Fats

Eating unsaturated fats will help get rid of fatty liver disease. These fats are present in salmon, tuna and seeds, oils and nuts.

6. Increase Fibre Intake

By increasing one’s intake of fibre, fatty liver disease can be eliminated. This is prevalent in vegetables and fruits. They take long to digest and hence promote weight loss, lower blood pressure and help stabilize cholesterol levels.

7. Take a Liver Tonic

A good liver tonic will help the liver work optimally.

8. Lose Weight

By losing weight, you can reverse fatty liver, particularly if you are obese. By losing visceral fat, the fat in the liver can also be reduced.

9. Control your Diabetes

Do everything your doctor advises you to do to manage your diabetes. Eat a healthy diet, exercise and monitor your blood sugar frequently.

10. Eat Foods that Stimulate Loss of Liver Fat

There are certain food types that can help get rid of fatty liver. These are:


Physical exercise is known to lower liver fat. For best results, those diagnosed with fatty liver disease should do resistance training through the week to reduce fat deposits in liver cells. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) and low intensity exercise target liver fat and help decrease it.

Exercise reduces abdominal weight and insulin resistance. By exercising for 150 minutes a week, the level of fatty liver disease can fall considerably.

Supplements and Herbs

Herbs and supplements like milk thistle and berberine have a positive impact on fatty liver disease.

Home remedies

Here are the top 10 home remedies for fatty liver disease.

  1. Apple cider vinegar: This is a good remedy for getting rid of fatty liver disease by eliminating stomach fat and bringing about weight loss. It also encourages optimal liver function and decreases liver inflammation.
  2. Lemon: The high content of Vitamin C in lemons helps the liver manufacture enzymes known as glutathione. These enzymes neutralize the effect of toxins in the body, thus helping detoxify the liver.
  3. Dandelion: The dandelion herb is a very robust liver tonic, which works well to reverse fatty liver disease. Not only does it help to detoxify the fat accumulated in the liver, but it also helps metabolize fat in the area and stimulate its optimal functioning. According to a study, dandelion leaf also prevents and treats obesity-linked fatty liver disease.
  4. Turmeric: Turmeric is rich in antioxidants, which makes it a very good home remedy for fatty liver disease. Turmeric works in a way that improves the body’s capacity to digest fats so that they do not settle in the liver. It also helps detoxify the liver.

Ayurvedic Treatments for Fatty Liver Disease:

  • 20 ml of Triphala Kashaya, when mixed with a teaspoon of honey twice a day before meals.
  • 2 grams of pepper powder mixed with a teaspoon of honey and taken a couple of times a day for a month can relieve one of fatty liver deposits.
  • Cardamom, cumin seeds, sugar and Bhumyamalaki (Phyllanthus niruri) powders should be taken in equal quantities of three grams and mixed with a little ghee. This mix should be taken every day on an empty stomach.


With so many options available to you to get rid of your excessive fatty liver, you can manage your fatty liver disease very easily. All you need is persistence and determination.