How To Get Rid of Fear of Death

Many questions are asked by people about the afterlife. It is only natural to be a little bit afraid of death, but not so afraid that you cannot live. If you think you may be too terrified of death in order to enjoy life, you are advised to find a way to address these intense fears directly.

Necrophobia Explained

Necrophobia (fear of death) is way beyond a normally apprehension people have when they think about death or dying. It is rather a rather irrational obsession with death and it often leads to compulsive actions, such as repeatedly making sure one is safe all the time.

Panic symptoms such as heart palpitations, racing thoughts, or sweaty palms often accompany a person who has necrophobia. Shortness of breath and intense dread are also common among people who are terrified of death.

Here are some ways to get rid of necrophobia:

  • Do research on this topic. Knowing the statistics of dying might help you. You also may want to find out what actually happens to a physical body and/or your mind after you pass away. You could ask your doctor what the chances are that you will die as your current health condition is assessed.Seek counseling. This is one great way to analyze all your fears and get to the bottom of what you are struggling with so you know why you are so terrified of death. A counselor can be an encouragement and you can gain strength as you are gently coaxed to take more and more risks in life.
  • If necessary, get some anti-anxiety or anti-panic medication. Usually this is prescribed by a psychiatrist to people who are seeking ways to relive anxiety or panic symptoms. It might accompany an antidepressant or it might be taken on its own.
  • Get a hobby, travel, or volunteer. For instance, take up a new instrument, join a sports’ team, or learn a new craft. Anything you can do to enjoy your life would make you less afraid of death. You could also volunteer with your community or you can travel and see the world.
  • Join a phobia or panic disorder support group. This is a great place to find people like you who are struggling with similar issues, as all phobias have similar symptoms. Here you should find compassion and encouragement rather than judgmentalism and criticism.

Additional Advice

You are advised to make sure your condition is not medically-related, as anxiety could be a symptom of a physical illness as well as mental one. You should not only do more research on death topics but you should also seek more advice and understanding about phobias in general so you understand yourself more.

Also, remember that everyone recovers from necrophobia at their own pace. Do not be hard on yourself if the anxiety, dread, or panic feelings creep back up on you once in awhile. Just try to establish as much of a routine in your life as possible and work towards ways to expose yourself to death situations as possible.