How To Get Rid of Fear of Heights (Acrophobia)

It is only natural to have a little bit of fear when climbing steps or staring down from the top of a building, mountain, or other high place. However, acrophobia can be a huge problem if you suffer severe panic symptoms while visiting a higher elevation.

This is more than just the average apprehension that the average person feels when climbing a mountain or riding a glass elevator. In the case of acrophobia the fear is far more crippling as it does not allow a person to go many places as they do not want to enter elevators, airplanes, or stairs.

Reason Acrophobia Occurs

Although many phobias seem to occur for no apparent reason, oftentimes the fear of heights is a result of past traumas. For instance, maybe you had an accident during which you feel off a building. Either that or maybe you witnessed the death of someone else that occurred due to an accident in high places.

If you want to get rid of acrophobia here are some helpful suggestions:

  • Use desensitization techniques. For instance, you can take a ride on a glass elevator and look out the window. Then, when you are ready you can look down as you are riding it.
  • Go see a counselor. A psychological professional who specialized in phobic patients would be your best choice. They know exactly how to make plans for you to face your fears without causing you to feel too overwhelmed.

Make sure you seek out a compassionate and encouraging counselor who will only push you when necessary while not forcing your recovery beyond what you are ready. This is how you will achieve your goals to overcome your anxieties as fast as possible.

  • Use multimedia to get over your fears. For instance, you can watch movies with scenes of mountains or of arial shots reaching the ground. You could also go to a virtual theatre where you would be position on the top of a mountain, building, etc. (These theatres are often a part of natural or architectural museum presentations.
  • Seek opportunities to go “up high.” For instance, maybe you know a friend who lives in a high-rise apartment that sits 20 or more floors off the ground. You could also go on vacation and rent a condo on a higher floor, or you could venture your way up a famous landmark (i.e. Statue of Liberty or Mount Everest.
  • Seek a window seat on an airplane. Of course, do not push yourself to do this unless you are ready. Seeking professional counseling can help you overcome your fear of heights as well as your fear of being on an airplane. You can also appreciate the beauty of the sun, sky, and clouds. You might even become fascinated by the arial view of the earth below.

Some Inspiration

It may take time to overcome acrophobia, but do not lose heart and do not give up. This is a very treatable condition. The more positive you are the sooner you will overcome the fear of heights.

Also, realize that when dealing with this phobia that you need to take baby steps. You are not going to climb Mount Everest on your first try to getting rid of this fear, but you will eventually. Don’t ever give up!