How To Get Rid of Flat Feet

The problem associated with the arches of the foot that is known as flat feet, is actually a condition caused by the foot’s arch collapsing, or being collapsed. Over 20%, of the population suffer from a problem with the arch of their feet. For some the condition exists in only one foot, while others have the condition in both feet.

How Flat Feet Happen

While some people are born with flat feet, still others have the condition begin when they are older. For people who develop this condition later in life the cause is generally from the person wearing shoes that did not fit correctly, or even sitting, and sleeping in some positions can add to the possibility of fallen arches.

There are times when we have other conditions such as an abnormality of our leg, or we have problems like tightness of our Achilles tendon, that our arches are made to overcompensate for these other conditions and the end result over a period of time is flat feet from fallen arches.

Things to do if You Were Born with Flat Feet

If you were born with this condition then there are things you need to do for your feet so they are not in constant pain, or under constant strain.

  • Buy the Right Shoes: Buy motion control shoes if you were born with flat feet and you like to run. They absorb the impact from running, and they prevent you from causing more damage to your feet.
  • Look into Custom Orthotics: If you cannot find a shoe that seems to fit your foot correctly then you need to look into getting some custom orthotics for your feet. You can have shoes specially built that will provide you the support you need, and the comfort you desire also.
  • Surgical Options: When you have this condition and you suffer from a great deal of pain that is not relieved by any shoe you can find then your orthopedic doctor may suggest a surgical correction for your feet. Not every patient needs surgical correction, and unfortunately not ever patient is a good candidate for the surgery. Talk to your doctor and see if surgery might be the right thing for you.

Adult Onset of Flat Feet

There are a lot of ways to prevent the occurrence of flat feet happening after birth. The main thing is to wear the correct shoe, and make certain your shoes fit correctly. You can purchase arch supports that are ready made if you cannot find a shoe with the correct amount of arch support for your feet. You can also have arch supports custom made for your feet.

People who have problems with an Achilles tendon that is too taut can seek stretching therapy to help relief the pressure this creates on the arch of their foot.

There are times when people have a dysfunction in their posterior tibial tendon that requires treatments like braces, medications, and shoe modifications to prevent the arches of the feet from collapsing from the strain.