How To Get Rid of Fleas In Human Hair

While having fleas in one’s hair might at first seem disgusting and repulsive, it’s not that difficult to get rid of them if you undergo some simple treatments. It might take a few treatment applications, but you will quickly be able to remove all the fleas from your head, and this will take care of any itching or negative health effects. There are several options that you can consider when you need to treat fleas, and these usually attempt to utilize some form of insecticide that will kill flea eggs once they hatch.

Although there are some natural, homeopathic methods that you can use to remove the pests from your hair. Homeopathic methods might not be quite as effective as using chemical treatments, but they are less likely to have side effects such as irritation. Because fleas can live around your home, it might help to kill them if you go away on a trip for a few weeks after treatment, more information can be found here. It is important not to try to use a treatment designed for animals such as dogs, cats, or rodents on one’s own hair. This could have severe side effects or simply prove to be completely ineffective.

Get Rid of Fleas In Human Hair

One possible way to get rid of fleas involves putting dish detergent in hot bath water together with about a cup of lemon extract. The fleas in the hair will be killed by the dish soap’s fatty acids, and there is also something in the lemon extract- limonene- that will kill the fleas as well. To get rid of fleas, you can soak your hair in this mix of warm water, detergent, and lemon extract for a period of about 30 minutes. The water should be hot during this procedure, and you might even want to reheat the water from time to time during the procedure to ensure that it stays hot. You should also wash your hair with shampoo at the same time as you are doing all of these things.

After you have soaked your hair and washed it, you can comb your hair. You might notice that some fleas are extracted from the hair as you comb. You should put any fleas that you take out into the soapy water so that they are killed.

This entire procedure has to be repeated once in a while for you to be successful in getting rid of fleas. It is best to repeat the procedure at least two times each week. You should continue treatment until there are no more fleas in your hair. However, you need to remember to kill fleas around your home at the same time as you are killing them on your body. Fleas do not only live in human hair and the fur of animals, but they also spend time around the environment of the infected individual.

For a natural remedy to get rid of fleas, you can consider adding a bit of white vinegar to your shampoo when you wash. When you shampoo with this mixture, you should be careful to massage the mixture deeply into your scalp and let the mixture soak in for at least 10 minutes. You must be very careful to avoid letting this mixture get into your eyes, because it can cause intense irritation. If you let the shampoo/vinegar mixture get into your eyes, you should be careful to immediately rinse your eyes out with warm water.

Another substance that can help an individual get rid of fleas is rubbing alcohol. You can pour a cup of rubbing alcohol onto the hair when you are in the shower, and afterwards you can rub the alcohol into your hair. Avoid getting this harsh substance in your eyes, and careful be sure that your entire scalp is being exposed to the substance. This wash should be repeated several times, and eventually you will notice that the fleas are no longer infesting your scalp.

A final method for getting rid of fleas is the tree oil method. You can mix tree oil into your shampoo and it will function like rubbing alcohol or vinegar by helping to kill the fleas. Again, you need to let this mixture sit for a bit before rinsing it off. Ten minutes is a good amount of time for leaving in your tree oil and shampoo mixture. You also need to be careful with your eyes when using tree oil, because it can cause irritation like vinegar and rubbing alcohol.

It is important to remember that you will have to also get fleas out of your furniture and places such as your car and the rooms of your home before you can be completely flea-free. Try flea removal products around the home, or you can opt for natural methods. Even after you’ve killed all the fleas in your hair, you can develop another infestation if fleas hop onto your head from your furniture. Flea infestations can be persistent, and it may take some time to completely eradicate your home of fleas. Yet using the methods mentioned above, you should be able to kill fleas living in your scalp.