How To Get Rid of Food Cravings

Do you love to crave salty or even sweet foods constantly? Food craving basically means very strong desire of having a specific type of food. Chocolate is the top of the list which is craved by most of the people! However; the food item varies person to person. There are different reasons of food craving. If you want to find out the ways to get rid of food craving, then you have to concentrate on its causes!

Causes That Are Responsible for Food Cravings

There are different causes of food cravings.

  • Triggering Effect of Brain: People love to crave the foods having high glucose because of the triggering effects of the brain to this kind of foods. The craving for glucose is seen when a person takes glucose. This is like alcoholic symptom. The ingredients of the foods are also the reason of craving. The amino acid is responsible for the regulation of the body.
  • Dieting: If anyone told you not to think about sweets or even salty foods, your mind might be filled with the images of those foods! The same thing happens for dieting, when you ban some food items from your daily meal plan, you are going to crave the foods that you are trying to avoid! People also go with food cravings when they have low energy level.
  • Too Much Emotion: Emotional reasons are also responsible for food cravings. People feel appetite for some specific kind of food when they become sad or bored. They take the food as an alternative of healing the sadness. Some people also feel cravings for food at the time of being happy. They also take rich food in the special occasions.
  • Bodily Needs: When people feel lack of the nutrients, they feel the cravings for taking more food to fulfill the needs of the body. For example low blood sugar may cause carbohydrate cravings. The menstrual cycle can also cause the cravings for different kinds of foods.

How to Get Rid of Food Cravings

Tips To Get Rid of Food Cravings

  • To Stop Cravings Use Your Mind: Control your mind and set your mind for not to eat the item that attracts you most! Most people have cravings for junk foods. So they need to avoid this. They can keep the junk foods out of their house. It will help them a lot to avoid this type of food. If you store cookies, candies in your freeze or in your house, you will be able to have them anytime whenever you wish. So stop storing the junk foods at home!
  • Find out Substitute: You can find out healthy as well as nutritious food and can build the habit of taking that food. It will help you to take lower calories than before which are helpful for anyone. So finding out a substitute is essential to avoid food cravings for junk foods. The substitute is needed to be healthier.
  • Redirect Food Cravings: You have to redirect your mind. The about something that really gross. You have to avoid your habit. You just need to stop thinking about the item that you want to crave constantly! By changing this habit, people can avoid food cravings in a big deal. You can concentrate to some other work to avoid the cravings for food. When you will feel the craving, just concentrate on other work. It will help you to decrease the cravings for food. Eating more fibers another way of stopping the cravings for bad food.
  • Eat Healthy Foods: You need to make sure that 30% of the food of your regular food items is protein. It will help you to avoid the food cravings for bad, unhealthy foods. Having more water is another way of decreasing the cravings for food. This is helpful for removing the dehydration. It will also boost metabolism of the body. So you need to take more water regularly. Having a glass of juice before the meal is also an effective way of decreasing the food cravings. This method is proven by the researchers. You can take small amount of food in every two or three hours. It will decrease your food cravings. Most of the people skip breakfast. This is harmful and this drives people to have something else and this is one of the reasons for craving junk foods. Having drink like green tea will burn your body fats and will also help you in decreasing your food cravings. You need to avoid salts. Salt increases the possibility of food cravings.
  • Follow A healthy Routine: You need to have sufficient sleep. It will be helpful for you to decrease the cravings for food. Exercise is another way of decreasing food cravings. You need to have proper exercise and also continue it regularly. Some specific tips are useful for specific food cravings like vitamin B-3 is useful for decreasing the carvings of sugar. The carvings of alcohol can also decrease by taking this vitamin.


Cravings basically happen in your head. It sometimes happens from trigger food or from your habit. Whatever the reason, your consciousness can help you to get rid of food cravings.

One very important thing to keep in mind though is that you MUST not confuse cravings with actual want for food. Yes, that is very right. After all, you just need to avoid food cravings, not punish yourself for something.