How To Get Rid of Your Gag Reflex

The pharyngeal reflex or commonly known as reflex gag occurs by the reflex contraction of the back of throat on stimulating or touching the soft palate. This stimulation prevents something from entering the throat as a part of normal swallowing thus, preventing it from choking. The gag reflex causes different sensitivities in different people.

Following the simple tips will help to overcome this problem. Through desensitization one can prevent this problem of gag reflex because this would help soft palates to receive anything without choking throat. The easiest way and the best time to train soft palates to prevent reflex gags is the time during brushing teeth. While brushing teeth, one could possibly find out the point from where the reflex gag starts. Use toothbrush as a tool to locate the point while brushing tongue, starting from the most distant point of tongue to going deeper down. Try to brush that particular area for not more than 10 seconds because no one can get trained in a day. Though it would be an unpleasant experience at first but regular brushing will be helpful in this regard only through training. Continue the same process for several days. Concentrating on the same area will eventually result in minimum or no gagging which shows the signs of desensitization of that part completely. This whole process of desensitization will take a month to complete.

Many people are sensitive to dental treatments because they find it hard to control gagging when dentist inserts the dental tools down in their mouths. Therefore, during any dental treatments concentrate mainly on breathing through nose. It is obvious that breathing through mouth will evoke gag. If anyone finds it hard to breathe through nose then use of nasal decongestant will be helpful to cure it. It will clear the nasal passage and this would help in breathing normally during dental treatment. Listen to favorite music because this will help in diverting attention.

Some people gag while brushing teeth which is the common problem. It could be a condition one must be facing from childhood or it could have developed over the period of time. The simple solution to overcome this problem is the use of electronic toothbrush with a small brush head which helps in easy brushing with comfort. Another way to solve this unpleasant problem is brushing the whole mouth with lips closed with starting brushing from the area that is easiest to brush without gagging. Some other tips to overcome this problem is consult a doctor because it could be some medical problem or visiting a psychologist can also be helpful to reduce the fear of gagging. This problem can also be cured to hypnotherapy which helps in taking out the fear from sub-conscious whereas; a treatment through acupuncture can also be an alternative solution.

It’s not imperative to prevent gag reflex as long as they occur occasionally. The importance of gag reflex cannot be underestimated as they prevent from choking or swallowing from anything that could cause damage to your throat.