How To Get Rid of Gout

Man is not alone in his problems with not being able to process all of the uric acid in their bodies. We share this painful condition with the guinea pig. No other creatures in the world are affected by the painful condition known as gout.

Gout is caused when the uric acid builds up into crystals in the body’s tissues. Generally this condition is centralized around the joints and tendons of the body. It causes stiffness in the joints, and inflammation around these joints, and some people describe the pain caused by gout as being excruciating. The joints in a person’s feet and ankles are the usually ones attacked by gout conditions.

Gout will generally correct itself in a few days time. That does not mean that the condition will not be back to make you suffer at a later date though. There are some things that you can do to help your body recover from the symptoms of gout.

Gout feet

Drink Plenty of Fluids Every Day

An increase in the fluids you take into your body every day can help you excrete the uric acid from your tissues. Of course water is the number one recommended drink for purposes like these but there are other fluids that can also help you. Drink vegetable juice, and herbal teas, you can even drink milk. You need the extra fluid so drink as much as you can.

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Avoid Foods Rich in Purine

Purines are found in human tissues and they are found in some of the foods that we ingest as well. Our bodies convert Purine into uric acid that when it builds up in our body is the cause of gout. So by reducing your intake of Purine rich foods you will reduce your amount of uric acid and thus reduce the painful condition of gout.

You will find purines in all protein rich foods but meats like the organs contain a much higher concentration of purines than other meats. Sardines that are packed in oil have a high concentration as well. You will also find a high concentration of purines in yeast products and in legumes. Whenever you are having a painful flare up of gout it is recommended that you watch your diet very closely in order to allow you to reduce your uric acid.

Avoid or Eliminate the Consumption of Alcohol

In order for your body to remove alcohol from your system it has to convert the alcohol into lactic acid. When the body has an increased amount of lactic acid to eliminate it reduces the amount of uric acid it is eliminating. Then you get an excessive build up of uric acid and this leads to the painful symptoms of gout.

Bing Cherries are good for Gout Sufferers

Bing cherries have been scientifically proven to help lower the amount of uric acid in the body. After eating only forty five Bing cherries and waiting five hours the uric acid levels in the tests subjects were greatly reduced, so eat more cherries.

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