How To Get Rid of Herpes Zoster

Herpes Zoster is not a sexually transmitted disease. Herpes Simplex I is sexually transmitted, and Herpes Simplex II is not sexually transmitted. The only real thing that the Herpes viruses have in common is the fact that once you get them they cannot be completely cured. The symptoms can be managed, and the outbreaks can be controlled to some degree.

If you are thinking that you know about the genital form of Herpes, and you know that the cold sores are caused by a form of Herpes, but you have no knowledge of Herpes Zoster, then you should know that this is what is commonly called the “shingles”. People who have been infected with the varicella-zoster virus at some point in their lives are the only ones that can have an outbreak of the “shingles”. This is because the varicella-zoster virus is what causes chicken pox and what causes shingles. Now that you know what the Herpes Zoster is, the question was what you could do to get rid of it.

Seek Medical Advice

If you believe that you are having an outbreak of Herpes Zoster you need to make an appointment with a health care provider. There are some things they can do to help you treat the outbreak, and relieve some of the pain. The health care provider will more than likely do the following things:

  • They will prescribe for you an anti viral medication that you will take large doses of. Acyclovir as well as valacyclovir are both anti viral drugs that are used to reduce the severity of the “shingles”
  • They may prescribe for you anti-inflammatory drugs to help to reduce the amount of inflammation you are experiencing
  • They will suggest or prescribe pain relievers to help you manage the pain you are experiencing

Things You Can Do At Home

Medical treatment really is necessary if you have Herpes Zoster. There are other complications that can develop when you have this condition. There are things you can do at home in conjunction with the treatment your doctor has ordered that will help to alleviate the symptoms of shingles.

  1. Apply creams that are designed to stop itching from rashes. The blisters that are formed when you have Herpes Zoster will rupture if you scratch them, and like when a child has the chicken pox this can cause a secondary infection. So apply creams that are sold over the counter and designed to relieve itching.
  2. If the itching is so unbearable you think you will go out of your mind you can take an oral anti-histamine to stop the itching sensation. Take according to package directions and you should consult your doctor before you begin any medications.
  3. Clean the blisters gently with anti bacterial soap and warm water twice daily. Be gentle so that you do not rupture the blisters during the washing.
  4. Cool compresses will often alleviate some of the pain, as well as some of the burning and the itching.

When you have an outbreak of Herpes Zoster you are in a lot of pain, and discomfort. Sometimes a soothing oatmeal bath can help to ease some of the pain, and will also help to keep the area that is infected cleansed.