How To Get Rid of Impotence

Begin by finding out what exactly is impotence. You might be impotent if you are unable to maintain penile erection long enough for having satisfactory sexual intercourse. Impotence is also known as erectile dysfunction. Even men with erectile dysfunction can ejaculate.

However, before you play doctor and conclude that you are impotent make sure to rule out that you are not imagining things. Absence of sufficient stimulation of the penile shaft, lack of erotic stimuli, stress, anger, guilt, and presence of “pure” thoughts can mimic impotence.

Once, you are convinced that you have a genuine problem, don’t go into a depression. Your sex life is far from being finished. There are several types of conventional and alternative, drug and psychological therapies available to treat impotence. Even a simple change in lifestyle can get rid of the malady.

The most sensible thing is to go and see a doctor. Make it a point to be as frank as possible if you want a quick and effective cure. Otherwise, the doctor may take a very long time in discovering the real reason of your impotence. The doctor might ask you to go for certain tests. The most common ones are a blood test to find out your hormone levels such as that of the testosterone, and a psychometric test to rule out the psychological factor.

Don’t be overexcited about the psychological factor – even gays and wannabe women can have erection although they may require different erotic stimuli. Even heterosexual men, after experiencing one or more episodes of erectile dysfunction, may develop the vicious circle of fear of performing and erectile dysfunction that can prevent them from getting an erection. Besides, you may have impotence because of a lower secretion of nitric oxide (NO) and if the vessels supplying blood to your penis are partially blocked. Note that people suffering from cardio-vascular diseases can also have erectile dysfunction.

The next best action is to follow your doctor’s advice, because cardio-vascular diseases can be life-threatening. Depending upon the underlying cause of your impotence, your doctor might suggest that you follow one or more of courses action – drug therapy, psychological or psychiatric treatment, and life-style changes.

Certain lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking (nicotine constrict the blood vessels), reducing, avoiding the use of drugs such as alcohol (yes this too is a drug although socially acceptable) that can lead to impotence, and regular exercise may rejuvenate your system.

There are quite a few good drugs available in the market that cure impotence caused by insufficient blood supply to the penis. The leading drugs are Viagra (Sildenafil), Levitra (Vardenafil) and Cialis (Tadalafil). You might even be advised to go on hormone therapy involving the injection or topical application of testosterone.

Psychological and psychiatric treatment can be time-consuming. However, they do work and might eliminate the root cause of erectile dysfunction.

Now the most important tip – never ever loose hope! One or the other of therapies is bound to work eventually. If nothing works, you could go for penile prosthetics such as a penile implant.