How To Get Rid of Love Handles

Although we typically think of men having love handles, it is possible for women to have them as well. But, as the midsection is the most common spot for men to store that extra fat, we do see more men than women with these generally unwanted bulges around their tummies.

How to Lose Love Handles

Love handles aren’t going to be as easy to get rid of as they were to put on, but with time and effort you can get back to your regular shape. First and foremost, you need to change your diet so that you are eating a healthy, balanced diet on a regular basis. Eating healthy should be a normal, day to day lifestyle for you, not some fad diet. The other way to lose your unwanted fat is to of course exercise. For fat burning, aerobic exercises are the best way to go. Doing sit ups and crunches are great for building the stomach muscles, but won’t get rid of the fat covering up those muscles without the help of aerobic exercises. Some great exercises for this are side bends and torso twists. Walking is also always a great start for any aerobic regimen.

Exercises for Love Handles

For side bends, you want to stand with your knees bent slightly and your feet apart. Slowly lower your trunk a few inches to one side and back up, and then do the same for the other side. Do several of these until you are tired. Be careful not to bend backwards or forwards as this will put strain on your spine.

Torso twists you do while standing firmly, spreading your feet to a shoulders width apart. Slowly twist to one side then to the other, making sure to keep your hips straight. You again should not bend and do not overextend yourself as you could pull a muscle very easily doing this exercise.

Losing Love Handles Fast

If you are looking to lose your love handles fast and have the cash, you could always go the surgical route. Liposuction is generally a fast, inpatient surgery using general anesthesia. Be careful though, as this procedure will leave a flap of skin, so that if you do not change your diet and routine quickly, the fat can come right back. Carefully consider this option, as it can leave you with lingering pain or dysfunction, or a body that’s even stranger looking than your love handles looked.

You can also look at a different procedure, called a tummy tuck. As with liposuction, there are risks involved. You will likely wind up with a large scar running across your belly. Gastric bypass surgery is also an available option which can be quite risky.

You should of course check with your doctor first to determine if you are a good candidate for any of these surgeries and to discuss your specific situation and the risks involved. Overall, surgery is very expensive, and regular exercise and a healthy diet are much less costly.