How To Get Rid of Low Libido

Our libido is important. For many people, a good sex drive, virility and performance are signs of a happy relationship. Of course there will be days that you just don’t feel like sex just like some days you don’t feel like having your favorite dessert. Once in a while is fine but when it is all the time there is a deep issue that needs to be addressed. Before you let it damage a long term relationship you should consider taking some simple steps to address it.

Libido Defined

While it might sound like a Latin dance step, libido is simply our drive to have sex. Like most functions of our mind and body it is composed of not one but two factors.

  • Mental factors. These are both the psychological and emotional factors that make us want to have sex. Some of them make us want to have sex with anybody while other are specific to a single person. Maybe you find short skirts a turn on. That might be a little more broad drive than the emotional attachment you have with one person.
  • Physical factors. These factors involve the hormones and chemicals behind our sex drive. If something is wrong here you may not be aroused by someone that would normally arouses you because of psychological and emotional factors most of the time. This drop can caused by certain medicines or increased with some natural cycles.

Libido-Boosting Food

Throughout time certain foods have been used as aphrodisiacs and many with good reason. Many have enzymes or chemicals that help boost hormone levels or have other effects.

  • Oysters. This is one of the most common one used in the western world though the why is a bit unclear. It might be something as simple as the taste and texture.
  • Avocados. These are also quite common but they are not as shrouded in mystery. Avocados are loaded with potassium and the B vitamins. These have been shown scientifically to help a faltering libido.
  • Strawberries. It only takes watching someone eat a strawberry to see why the are used as aphrodisiacs. The taste does not hurt either.
  • Liver. Not something you want to watch people eat, but liver is loaded with the amino acids your hormones need.
  • Chocolate. Everyones favorite aphrodisiac is loaded with phenylethylamine. This enhances the feelings of touch.

If your partner is up for it, you might even want to incorporate some of these into the bedroom though the liver might not be the best idea.

Straight Aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs don’t have to be in food. There are others that seem to work that don’t find their way onto a dinner plate. Gensing root for one as well as Ginkjo nuts are used and so are some seaweeds. The medical community is still out on those but do avoid ones that contain synthetics or chemicals. They are not regulated like drugs are.

Fun In Bed (Or Wherever)

To stay more natural there are thing you can still do to increase your libido. You simply need to spice up you sex life with new things you both want to try. This can mean role-play or the use of costumes. It might be finding new places to add excitement, In the end, raising your libido is about making sex fun and exciting again.

Calling The Doc

As a last resort you can always call a doctor in case it is a physical problem or a sex therapist if you do not the the problem is in the body. Both of these are health care professionals that might be able to help.