How To Get Rid of Milia

Milia is a special term used for white bumps which show up on human being’s face. The bumps emerging on people’s faces appear similar to white but tiny balls. Milia is a mild disorder common to teens, infants and even adults (mean & women). These frustrating bumps can last for months, weeks but rarely years. Despite of milia’s harmless to body, clearing these bumps isn’t easier exercise especially when doctorial knowledge is not applied. When clearing Milia, two methods are adapted: wrong and right milia clearance methods.

The bumps emerge as result of dead body skin cells which are basically collected in the skin pockets thus becoming hard white seeds. Milia is quite different from the common acne in the sense that acne grows inside pores and there it can be easily squeezed out whereas milia can’t be brought out easily. Though no expert has genuine cause of this Millia, scientists has speculated the possible causes of Millia. They suggest sweat duct trauma, sunscreens, topical corticosteroid usage, genodermatoses (genes factor) and radiotherapy as the primary causes of Millia.

Natural way of eradicating Milia

Since Millia doesn’t have permanent mission, it comes and goes, exercising patient during this painful time is an option. However, not everybody rejoices at waiting, in this case, waiting until the bumps on your face to disappear might be almost impossible.

Realistically, victims cannot poke, scrape or squeeze the bumps out in a physical way just like the common pimples. Reason why squeezing can’t help is milia are the white bumps which hide under the inner skin layer thus difficult for it to come out. People who try such fake methods end up damaging and eliciting pain on their skins. If you further force it out, you might end up creating a scar which more painful and long lasting than milia.

How to Get Rid of Milia

The first step in the eradication of milia

Scientists suggest that covering the victim’s face with warm washcloth for 2-6 minutes will help in the squeezing out of debris. The hot washcloth assists in the removing of dead cells. The degree of hotness in your washcloth depends on the individuals. Ensure pleasant temperature is maintained and no unusual pain is generated out of this hot washcloth.

Additionally, exfoliate products can be functional. Beauties experts encourage victims to apply exfoliate thrice in every 7 days. They say, exfoliate has special ingredients that help your skin to slough off oil, dirt and dead cells. Alternatively, you can avoid exfoliate creams which are relatively expensive and make your own exfoliate. In this case, the victim will mix olive oil together with sugar and apply it on his or her face.

Treatment by wearing sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen has been suggested as the possible way of eradicating milia easily. After several applications of exfoliate, reducing the act of exposing your skin directly to sun might help in hardening the skin thus sloughing off dirt and dead cells. Protection from direct sunlight will actually boost your skin outlook. Furthermore, switching off and on your beauty products will help victims know which product suits them most. Usually some thick moisturizers clog around your spores thus encouraging the sprouting of these bumps. Products with minimum oils are generally suitable for usage.

Try special glycolic acid for Milia treatment

Employing the usage of glycolic acid at least twi a month might help in softening the body skin and therefore facilitating te quick removal of dead particles. Others recommend peeling method. Peeling allows human skin restore comfortably thus regaining exfoliating powers. However, peeling method is not meant for soft skins. For soft skin, peel might be extremely harsh and therefore when trying out this method, do a test for a very small area of your skin. Nevertheless, you can equally opt for micro-dermabrasion where upper skin layer is buffed hence leading to proper smoothing.

Finally, vitamin B3 is an essential component when eradicating milia as this supplement allows your skin to be elastic and boost natural exfoliate. For it to be more effective, you must use daily and along with other recommended products. Again, Vitamin A is another special component that facilitates the removal of dead particles from skins. If such methods seem to be not working, make a clear schedule of meeting dermatologist. The dermatologist might either decide to remove or dig the bumps out physically or suggest the product suitable for your body.

Since milia can make one loose confident and try to avoid the public, it can be eradicated by following one of the discussed methods above. If you try and find these preventive might create another problem instead of removing milia, you should immediately visit dermatologist. Your local expert might also have a clue on what you can to easily this shameful condition. If such preventive steps of milia are carefully followed, you will win.