How To Get Rid of Mucus

The body has many different ways of defending itself against various threats. These include immune responses of a variety of sorts and of course include mucus. While it might seem like a strange defense, this substance is actually designed to protect the cells from intruders. The sticky and slippery substance has antiseptic enzymes as well as immunoglobins that protect the cells in various systems such as the respiratory system, the visual and auditory system, the gastrointestinal system and the urogenital system. In general, the human body has the ability to create a liter of this substance each day.

Mucus as a Defense

Mucus helps to get rid of the germs, bacteria or other harmful foreign things that may be in the body that could potentially cause harm to it. When the particles are caught in the mucus, it is them excreted from the body through spitting or otherwise.

Getting Rid of the Mucus

While mucus can be a bodily defense, it can also be something that goes terribly wrong, especially when it feels like a person is drowning in it when they have a cold or worse. There are certain ways to get rid of this mucus.

  • In the case that a person has an infection, they should go to a doctor and have it treated. There are various infections that cause mucus and they have a variety of treatments. Respiratory infections, for example, can swell up the air passageways and with the extra mucus, it will continue to bog the person down.
  • Drinking a lot of fluid is necessary to get rid of mucus because it thins out the substance and loosens the mucus that has hardened. Once this is done, it can be flushed out of the body much easier.
  • There are some medications that can assist with the mucus. Some of these are expectorants such as bromhexine and they clear up the phlegm in the respiratory system. A doctor should be consulted about the right one to take for a particular situation.
  • Mucus can be made worse by the air or environment. Using a dehumidifier or an air conditioner can help.
  • Eating properly will boost up the immune system and help the body to fight infections or other things that might cause an excess of mucus. Taking in more fruits and vegetables while limiting the intake of red meat, daily or grains is a good idea as the last three things listed can actually trigger extra production of mucus.