How To Get Rid of Nail Fungus

Nail fungus can cause a number of problems and issues with your fingernails and toenails. Nail fungus can cause the nails to look yellow or black in appearance and can also cause the nails to thicken. The nail may separate itself from the nail bed when nail fungus is present. This condition can also dull the appearance of the nails as well as cause them to put off a foul odor. Nail fungus is a completely treatable condition. This is not a dangerous or deadly condition, but it can be painful and embarrassing. There are a number of treatment options available for nail fungus for you to consider.

nail fungus

  1. Oral Medications– There are a number of oral medications that you can take to help treat nail fungus. Oral anti fungal medications like Itraconazole, Diflucan, and Lamisil are all oral anti fungal treatment options for nail fungus. These are treatment options that you will have to see a doctor to get. These oral anti fungal medications are very effective in treating nail fungus.
  2. Nail Removal– It is not recommended to remove your nail yourself. In fact, this is a treatment option that is only recommended after you have tried everything else. You can get your doctor to remove the nail for you if you wish. This treatment option is for those who are experiencing extreme pain and have not found relief with any other treatment option.
  3. Soak Your Feet– You should soak the affected nails in Listerine mouth wash mixed with white vinegar for a period of about fifteen minutes each and every day. You can set the water aside after each use for the next time that you intend on soaking your feet.
  4. Clip Your Nails– Keep your nails clean and trimmed. Fungus and bacteria can grow underneath of your nails. Keeping your toenails and fingernails in the best shape possible can not only help prevent nail fungus, it can help the problem from getting any worse.
  5. Vicks Vapor Rub- This medication is not just used for colds anymore. Apply Vicks Vapor Rub to the nails that are affected. You should apply this cream at least two times a day and be sure to thoroughly wash your hands after each and every application.
  6. Zetaclear- This is an over the counter treatment option for nail fungus. This is a topical treatment that you can apply directly to your nails. It has a sweet smell and is full of natural ingredients to help fight nail fungus without heavy medications. It is inexpensive and it promotes overall nail health. You can read zetaclear reviews here.

Once you have gotten rid of nail fungus, there are a number of things that you can do to avoid getting the condition again. Make sure to change your socks and shoes on a regular basis if you are someone who sweats a lot. You should also be sure to use common sense and keep your feet as clean and as dry as possible. Fungus thrives in wet and warm areas.