How To Get Rid of Nervousness

Being nervous is a case of nothing more than emotional tension, and you an easily get rid of the problem. It can affect you virtually anywhere, from the middle of an important presentation, to the striking of a simple conversation with the shopkeeper. So be careful when the faint flutters jolt your midriff and you begin to stammer because your mind suddenly becomes blank.

To be less nervous and be more confident in yourself, you need to follow a simple routine. Remember, if you ignore, it shall not leave you, so the best way to deal with nervousness is by admitting it and getting over it. You must remember that beyond the fear factor there is definitely a way to cross over the problem.

So the first thing you should do is prepare yourself. Be absolutely sure about what you intend to do and prepare accordingly. Let’s say you want to perform in a play, and you are afraid of blanking out. In that case, remember your lines and act it out often, so that in stage you do not feel the fear. Also, try to make it a point to present your self in context to others, and anticipate their reactions, countering them. This way you would be able to find out how you can deal with certain situations. Like, for exams, take a practice test before going for the real thing.

Remember, its all in your head. Nervousness comes straight from the mind when it wants to play games with you. If you are afraid, it would make you even more so, so stand up to it. You can get nervous because of the negative energy within you, which brings out negative reactions. So, keep your mind free of bad thoughts, have a heart-to-heart conversation with yourself and find out what makes you afraid, or sad, or in pain. Once you know your own problems, you can easily outplay them. All you need to do is bring out your positive mentality. You can chant your own “feel good” codes, or keep on thinking winning thoughts. They will help. You can also think of what makes you nervous, and then easily conjure the image in your mind and make it look ridiculous. This would add a humorous dimension and soften any fear you hold within yourself.

Listen to soft, simple music, and feel good about them. You can listen to soft, soothing notes which would calm your fears and make you feel happy. Positive songs and lilting notes enhance the state of mind, and you can definitely try singing yourself. By letting yourself in a more relaxed mood, you run the chances of being afraid much less.

You can also avoid things that can enhance nervousness. Coffee, alcohol, illegal drugs, and some medicines induce nervous tension and can cause a lot of angst in the mind. Avoid these substances to keep yourself in a less deranged state of mind, calm yourself, and you would see the nervous attacks shall pass.

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