How To Get Rid of Night Terrors

Night terrors are a very different thing altogether from normal dreams and nightmares. Night terrors arise out of some fear that a person possesses and are very different from dreams. Sweating, flailing, screaming, fast breathing and shivering are a few things that come along with night terrors.


Night terrors are usually experienced in children between the age of five to the early teens, but can also be experienced by others, especially those who fear something terribly. If you are a patient of night terrors, then you wake up all of a sudden and start screaming, sweating, and even getting goosebumps.

Different causes of Night Terrors can be:

  • Insufficient sleep.
  • Extreme tension or stress related to something important in your life.
  • Changes and breakages of our sleep timings.
  • Excessive Alcohol or drug consumption.
  • Excessive tiredness at bedtime.
  • Fever or illness.
  • Accidents involving head injury.
  • Unpleasant incidents that may have occurred in past.

Symptoms of Night Terrors

If you know or have heard of a person showing any of the symptoms stated below, then he might be at the risk of experiencing night terrors:

  • Panicking and sweating while asleep.
  • Gasping, moaning, crying or screaming during sleep.
  • Does not remember doing any of the above after getting up in the morning.
  • Wakes up with great fear and a super fast heartbeat.
  • Frequent awakenings, often with violent actions.
  • Intense and high pulse and pounding of the heart.

General Treatment for Night Terrors that can help to overcome night terrors in a healthy way are:

  • Stress reduction and management.
  • Sleep timings must be maintained so that you get abundant sleep with no disturbances.
  • Consulting a doctor is another good option.

The main objective of all these treatments is to provide the patient with a sound and an interrupted sleep. This can also be done by turning on the lights when the patient is in the state of terror and calming him or her with your peaceful words. Make sure that no kind of stress is experienced by the patients. Other than this, medications are also available for which you can consult your doctor.

Ways to manage night terror among children

Great amount of mental and emotional strength is required to handle these night terrors. Adults may be capable of handling such situations better, but small children may face great troubles in handling such situations and it may have an adverse effect on their health as well as thinking.

Some of the ways in which you can deal with children experiencing night terrors are:

  • Do not try to wake up the child, as this will frighten him more and stay nearby until they sleep.
  • Keep the lights on and talk soothingly to the child assuring him safety.
  • Keep the room safe in case the child sleepwalks.
  • Maintain scheduled meals for the child.
  • Make sure that your child is not stressed regarding anything.
  • Consult a child specialist regarding the child’s condition.

A sound sleep is required by all of us and these night terrors are here to disturb our sleep. People who suffer from such night terrors need to be handled with great care and affection and are needed to be assured of their safety and comfort from time to time.