How To Get Rid of Pain

There are many kinds of pain and pain is not a bad thing in and of itself. Emotional pain can teach us life lessons that prevent us from making bad decisions over and over again. Physical pain can prevent us from injuring ourselves to the point we may loose our limbs or even our lives. If we could not feel pain many of us would have very short and very unpleasant lives indeed!

However, when physical pain is a constant unending struggle instead of our little helper, something needs to be done to make the pain stop. The first step to making the pain go away is knowing what kind of pain you have.

Kinds of Pain

1 ) Nociceptive pain

This is the normal kind of pain. It has an easily identified source such as a cut on your hand or an overworked muscle. In this case the body is letting the brain know something is injured and is letting us find the source easily so we can protect and heal the injury.

2) Neuropathic pain

This kind of pain does not seem to have a source because the source is actually in the brain. When someone is having neuropathic pain there is a problem in the brain that is causing constant feelings of pain even though nothing is physically wrong.

These two kinds of pain are broken down even further into Acute pain and Chronic pain. Acute pain is temporary and has an easy to find cause. Chronic pain just keeps getting worse over time and is a symptom that something is going very wrong like cancer or diabetes. If you pain seems to be chronic, see a doctor immediately!

neck pain

Treating Acute Pain

1. Identify the pain’s source

If you can not tell where the pain is coming from, go to the hospital immediately!


Rest, use Ice, care for (bandage) and elevate the injured area as best as you can. Do not move the injury if you can avoid it.

3. Use pain medication

This will make the pain more bearable, but the injury is still there. Do not overdo it!

4. Mind over matter

Try meditating or keeping your mind busy on other things to distract you from the pain

5. Go to the hospital

If none of this is working or the pain keeps getting worse, go to a hospital. Something is very wrong!