How To Get Rid of Piles

Piles are also known as hemorrhoids. Many people find themselves embarrassed by this fairly common condition, but so many people suffer from it. This condition can be very painful as well. There are many theories as to what causes piles, but there is not any rock solid evidence to back up any of the known theories. Piles is a condition that is caused by the loss of blood flow to the veins in the anus. There are plenty of treatment options that you can try in attempt to relieve some of your pain. Some are more cost effective and work better than others. What works for some may not work for others.

  • Keep It Clean– Keep your anal area as clean as possible. Use antibacterial soap to keep the area clean of infection. Using any other kind of soap is going to irritate the problem even further. Also try to keep the area as dry as possible. Try to avoid using a towel to dry the area. You can opt to use a hair dryer to keep the area from being irritated.
  • Soak in A Hot Bath– If the symptoms of piles begin piling up you can soak in a warm or hot bath for a period of fifteen minutes or so. This can help keep the area clean as well as reduce the swelling that is often associated with piles. You can also choose to add medicated bath salts to your bath to help provide some relief from piles.
  • Over the Counter Creams and Ointments– There are tons of over the counter treatments that you can use that relieve itching and a number of other symptoms. You can choose from gels to creams from a variety of well trusted brands. There are also pads that you can place on the area to relieve some of the itching and swelling. The price and effectiveness of this medication can vary. You can find these medications at most retail stores or drug stores.
  • Avoid Dry Toilet Paper– Instead of using regular dry toilet paper, try using towelettes that have been moistened or medicated. This will not only help inflammation, you will get much cleaner. These wipes can help provide you with some relief from the pain of your piles.
  • Eat Fiber And Drink Water– Keeping yourself hydrated and full of fiber can help avoid piles in the first place. You can also drink prune juice. The key is to keep things flowing smoothly. Eating foods that are full of grains can help things go more smoothly as well.
  • Do Not Sit Or Strain– When you have piles you should avoid sitting for long periods of time. This will only make your condition worse. Try to get up and walk around to get things flowing again. You should also try not to strain while using the bathroom. Get up and take a break if things are not moving. You should avoid sitting on the toilet for an extended period of time as well.