How To Get Rid of Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression or postnatal depression (PPD) is the depression that a woman suffers after the childbirth. Those who have not known about this would wonder why a woman should be depressed after giving birth. In fact, it is the most wonderful and happiest days for a woman to have her own baby. The exact reason for postpartum depression is not clear. However, it is said that 80% of women have mood disturbances after pregnancy, which is postpartum depression. Women with PPD feel lonely, afraid, irritated, not caring for herself or her baby.

Most of the women have mild mood changes after they give birth. These mild depression disappear itself in time. The studies conducted shows that 5% to 25% women have depression after pregnancy. Mostly, 10% to 20% of women experience a serious form of postpartum depression mood disorder.

Postpartum depression in women can be treated in many ways. First, the cause for the depression should be found out. Usually, after the child is born, women do have some mood disturbances. This can be because of women going through untimely eating habits and sleeping. Women spend more time with the baby leaving all her routine works. The sudden change in the atmosphere, lack of sleep, and there could be many other factors that cause depression in women especially when they are alone.

When a woman goes through postpartum depression, there should be support from her spouse, family members, and friends. The depression in women after pregnancy should be taken seriously and they should feel free to discuss the matter to a person whom they trust. It can be your partner, relative, friend, or a doctor. If your people do not succeed in bringing your depression down, it is better you see a doctor, who will give you proper medication.

The friends and family members of the woman should be able to notice the mood disturbances in her. If you are going through anxiety and depression, you can take the first step by improving yourself at home. This can be done by making a few changes at home. If you are feeling lonely, you can ask the support of your family members and friends. You can ask their help to look after your baby when you want to do some work, relax, or spend some time with your spouse. If you are disturbed and upset because of sleeplessness, you can have naps whenever the baby sleeps. Always, try to be engaged in something that you enjoy. Take a shower daily and wear what you like. This can give you freshen your mood. You can go and visit your friends or invite them to your house for dinner. You can also talk to other mothers and learn from their experiences. If you are not able to manage or control your depression with these, then you should seek help from the doctor.

Usually, postpartum depression disappears itself after few days. If the depression persists for more than two weeks, then you can consult a doctor. The doctor might refer you to psychologists to find out the root cause and give proper medications. You might be treated with psychological therapy or medicines or both depending on the severity of the mood disorder.

Proper intake of nutrition can help in preventing postpartum depression. You can consult a nutritionist. You should try to take care of yourself by taking proper food on time and have good sleep. Enjoy your motherhood.