How To Get Rid of Psychosomatic Disorder

The human mind is exposed to stress at every level of living. It could be personal or professional. Stress is an inherent aspect of our daily survival. While some are bold and strong enough to deal with tensions judiciously, there are others who mentally succumb to the pressures. You may have heard of a friend complaining of pain in the chest after a sudden relationship break up or a colleague undergoing the same symptom on losing his or her job.

Manifestation of Our Soul

Illness can be a consequence of the internal environment of the body or external surroundings. When the external conditions exert mental pressure to the level of a physical manifestation, the phenomenon is termed as a psychosomatic disorder. This form of disorder encompasses communication between the inner being and the mind via the channel of the body. A psychosomatic disorder is actually not a disease but a sign or indication of an underlying problem.

Psychosomatic Disorder

The implications of psychosomatic disorders can be witnessed on various organ systems of the human body. The cardiovascular system could stand affected in the guise of a sudden chest pain or enhanced heartbeat. The digestive system could display influence through pain in the stomach and intestinal ulcers. Finally, it could also manifest through headaches representing nervous system influence.

Dominant Reasons

As per medical studies, psychosomatic disorders could be triggered owing to societal, environmental or even hereditary aspects. Some of the reasons that stand paramount in psychosomatic disorders are:

  • Physical Agony – A highly intense form of physical trauma that alters your entire life could pave way for psychosomatic symptoms. Some of the examples could be losing a limb or any form of paralysis that renders you incapable for normal living.
  • Intoxication – Intoxication of any kind can lead to chemical turbulence in the nervous system, thereby resulting in mental disturbance.
  • Individual Perception – A positive thought process facilitates confidence and promotes survival instincts. On the contrary, a negative perception causes unwarranted stress and ruins all endeavours towards healthy living.

Potent Solutions

Research in this domain puts forth several paths of rescue. Let us check a few of these effective solutions.

  • Communicate – Human beings are by nature social animals. Good company in the guise of a confidante can have immense positive influence. Do not suppress your emotions. Instead, give vent to your inner stress and pressures by communicating with a worthy loved one. Communicating the problem relaxes the mind and in turn releases physical stress.
  • Evaluate the Real Cause – Nothing happens in this world without a valid reason. Psychosomatic disorders are also triggered owing to some present or past experience. Try to introspect and trace the reason. It could be stemming from an experience that has remained alive in your subconscious mind. It could be a physical or emotional form of abuse experienced way back in life, even childhood. Once you identify the real cause, the journey of recovery becomes easier.
  • Techniques of Relaxation – Taking help of alternate relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation can ease psychological stress to a large extent. Such measures soothe the mind and release positive hormones in the body.

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Life is precious and is certainly worth living with happiness. All issues in life can be tackled with prudence and patience. Psychosomatic disorders have the potential to mar your body and personality. Do not ignore psychosomatic pain or disorder of any variant. Before you realise, it will escalate into a bigger health issue such as chronic depression. Get out of your cocoon and be vocal. Believe in yourself, maintain your self esteem and seek assistance. The first step towards healing is the belief that you will find a cure.