How To Get Rid of Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Centuries after centuries, step by step, the mankind has evolved in all aspects of life. There are things that were part of our lives maybe a decade back and now they are just gone like that. We miss the good things, but we are also glad about some really bad things not being as bad as they were.

There was a time when tuberculosis used to be an incurable disease. If you get affected by this disease, the treatment was almost impossible. This is the reason why a lot of people used to die of it. However, things have changed and tuberculosis or TB is no longer incurable. In fact, there are some very simple treatments available for this illness which can remove all the traces of it from your body completely. There are some home remedies to treat TB but it is always advisable that you go for the medical treatment. Although curable, TB is still a serious disease. In fact, there are certain home remedies that can go along with the medical treatment.


What Causes Pulmonary TB?

TB is a bacterial disease which is caused by mycobacterium. It is lung disease. This bacterium finds a way to your body and starts housing in the lung area. There are many people who do acquire this bacterium but do not show any symptoms of the disease. This is because most of the times the bacterium remains in the dormant state. An average person can stay with the dormant state of this disease for a long time. However, if for certain reasons the immune system is weakened the bacterium starts spreading the disease.

TB is a contagious disease and the bacteria get passed from person to person through the medium of air. If you are in close proximity to someone who already has this disease it is very likely that you will also acquire it. Although the disease is fully curable it does require immediate medical attention. If not taken care of for a long time it can cause irreparable damages to lungs resulting in death.

Medical Treatment To Get Rid of TB

There is a cure for TB through medical process. Whether you have dormant TB or active TB you can get it taken care of. If the TB is dormant then you need to take preventive measures to ensure that it does not become active. The treatment for dormant TB is vastly different from the treatment of active TB. Dormant TB can be taken care of with a few days of medical treatment. You just have to get rid of the bacteria sticking to your lungs. If the TB is active then there is a whole medical procedure which can last for many weeks. While the TB is in its dormant state, you may not need to make any changes to your diet or abstain from certain items. For instance, if you are a smoker, with dormant TB you can continue smoking without affecting it much. However, with active TB you will need to be on a completely regulated diet regime.

Make Sure That You Complete The Treatment

If you are on a TB treatment then make sure that you complete the treatment till the very end to make sure that you are able to get rid of completely. It is being said that the TB patients should not miss their prescribed medicines even for a day otherwise the whole treatment has to start all over again. This is not completely true but you still need to make sure that you take all the medicines till the very end. If the treatment is not completed the cure may just be temporary and the disease may relapse.

Is There Any Home Remedy For TB?

Before we talk about the home remedies, always remember that TB needs to be treated medically and it should not be replaced with any form of alternative treatment. The home remedies are only recommended to expedite the treatment and also to make sure that your overall health remains good. There are some of the things you can add to your diet to help medicines fight the disease better. For instance, you can start eating extra garlic. Garlic has a lot of Sulphur which helps in fighting the bacteria. You can also start eating organic fruits and vegetables which will help improve your immune system.