How To Get Rid of Pyorrhea

Pyorrhea, also known as periodontitis is a condition of gums when there is bleeding and discharge of pus from your gums. Aside from the fact that the condition can vary from manageable to extremely discomforting, it’s also kind of embarrassing as it tends to get related to one’s personal hygiene. This discharge of pus occurs from the root of the teeth and gum and can lead to extremely bad odor in the mouth. While there could be many causes of pyorrhea, the most common may include both invasive action of a particular bacillus upon the gums and teeth or some predisposing conditions in the gums and mouth but attach of bacillus. If someone is suffering from pyorrhea, he or she does not necessarily needs to visit a doctor since most of the times it may occur due to lack of oral or dental hygiene. There are some proven home remedies which are effective in keeping pyorrhea in check.


Use of Mustard Oil and Salt

Every morning after brushing your teeth, you can take some mustard oil and put some salt in it. Make an appropriate mixture out of oil and salt and rub it gently onto your teeth and gums with the help of your finger tip. If using the finger tip feels a little painful to you, use a wad of cotton to do this. Repeat this even before going to bed in night. It is one of the most common practices to fight pyorrhea and will surely take away the bleeding from your gums.

Pointed Gourd, Giner, Black Pepper, Peepal Tree Root And Rock Salt

Take some pointed gourd leaves, black pepper, giner, peepal tree roots and rock salts and make a brew out of them by boiling all in a vessel full of water. Once the decoction is ready, stain it through a cloth and then cool it. You can use this cold solution for gargling as this will give substantial relief within few days only.

Use of Banyan Tree Barks

Banyan tree barks are known to have excellent benefits in treatment of pyorrhea. To use it, take four to five pieces of banyan tree bark and put them in a vessel full of water to boil it. As soon as the water gets on boiling, the essence of bark would get steeped out into the water. After about 30 minutes of boiling, leave this water to get cooled. You can strain the decoction through a cloth and then use it for gargling. This process is quite beneficial in preventing gums from bleeding.

Castor Oil, Camphor And Honey

Castor oil is available in almost every household. Take around 200 ml of castor oil along with 5 grams of camphor and 100 ml of honey. Blend them thoroughly to make a proper mixture. Take a neem twig and immerse it into the paste to rub it onto your teeth. You need to do this at least once a day to have appropriate results.

Babul Tree Is a Blessing to Teeth and Gums

It is a widely known fact that babul tree is beneficial to teeth and gums in any form. To get rid of pyorrhea, take some pieces of babul tree trunk and blow out the flames before they get burnt completely. Store it at a cool and dry place. When you wake up every morning, take a bit out of it and dab it in salt to use it for cleaning of your teeth. You can directly rub it on to your teeth to have better results.

Above all, pyorrhea is usually caused due to poor dental hygiene and in order to prevent your teeth and gums from pyorrhea, you need to observe proper dental hygiene. Brush your teeth regularly and at least twice a day, especially before going to bed. Moreover, make sure that you gargle after every meal so that there are no particles adhering between your teeth.