How To Get Rid of Restless Sleep

There are some people that simply can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is important because it refreshes the body and allows it to heal. It gives the body energy to go on with the next day. For the individuals who do not get this sleep, it can be caused by a number of reasons.

Possible Causes and Treatments

  1. Caffeine is a stimulant that when consumed in excess can cause a person not to get a decent night’s sleep. This substance targets the nervous system and it places it into a more active state. The items that should not be consumed that have a high level of caffeine include coffee, tea, iced tea, energy drinks, and soft drinks.
  2. Eating a heavy meal in the evening can make a person sleep just after eating but it doesn’t help a person to sleep when they are supposed to. This food once being digested is distributed around the body thus keeping it active. It is better to have a lighter dinner thus preventing these consequences.
  3. Being active in the evening can cause a surge of adrenaline and it prevents the body from gradually slowing down in the evening as it needs to in order to give a person a restful sleep. While it is okay to have a certain activity level, a person should refrain from higher levels of physical activity
  4. The body has a clock and sometimes this gets inverted. This is difficult to change but a person has to try to force themselves to sleep until the body decides to sleep. To make this task easier a person can try to listen to soft music, read a boring book, don’t take a nap during the day, have sex, or watch a boring television program.

Any of these might work for a particular person depending on the cause and the situation. For those who have an inverted time clock, it is a trial and error process. Making the body slow down by listening to relaxing music, reading a boring book, or watching a boring television show helps to put the body in the needed relaxed state in order for it to fall asleep. Sex is something that even though it generally requires the body to be active, it actually can exhaust the body and this is combination with the secretions can make for a very good night’s sleep.

Sleep Increases Productivity

In the case that a person realizes that they don’t sleep well but have no intention of fixing it, they should understand that restful sleep enhances productivity, mood and so many other things in the run of the day – even overall health. It is worth it to try some of these remedies to find that rest that the body requires.