How To Get Rid of Seed Wart

Wart: this four letter word can keep you awake at night – literally. If you are thinking that’s an exaggeration or an overstatement, you could very well be in for a big surprise – hopefully not a painful one. There have been various researches about therapies for warts. A seed wart typically develops from the tiny black dot resembling a small seed in the center of a wart, and usually appears on the feet and hands. A seed wart generally breaks out on the skin and the reason behind its cause is human papilomavirus. This virus enters the skin through any cut or cracks and not only does it make your skin appear rough, but is also painful depending upon where it is located on your body. The name seed wart is derived from the ends of capillaries that appear within them, which seems like a black dots and thus is known as seed wart. Removing or getting rid of a seed wart could be challenging because of the fact that HPV (Human Papilomavirus) within the body can cause new warts to grow or even existing warts to grow back. However, there are certain removal treatment methods which could be successful in getting rid of seed warts.

seed wart

Using Garlic As a Home Remedy

All you need to do is peel and cut garlic into seven silvers and place six out of them inside a plastic back to store inside a refrigerator. Place a garlic clove onto the seed wart and rub the wart with it in a circular motion, thereby allowing the juices to coat the wart properly. Now, take a bandage and secure the garlic silver over the seed wart and leave it for a while. You can use this process twice a day. Alternatively, you can use garlic paste treatment to get rid of seed warts.

Garlic Cloves

Precautions While Using Garlic

At times, garlic may irritate your skin. In that case, you may use a less potent garlic powder, which is low in allicin and would cause less or no irritation to your skin. Moreover, if you have a very sensitive skin, it is advisable that you do not use garlic at all. In case, if you develop an allergy, you should immediately consult your physician for further assistance.


Using Salicylic Acid

You can use salicylic acid to treat warts. You can place it over the warts until they burn away. When you visit a local chemist, they may offer you droppers which can be used multiple times a day on your warts. Make sure to cover the warts with patches after treatment to prevent infection to other parts of the body.

Using Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid Nitrogen is believed to freeze skin cells infected with HPV virus and allows the body’s immune system to fight with the virus with greater ease. You can freeze the warts with liquid nitrogen. Contact you dermatologist’s office to purchase liquid nitrogen. Moreover, liquid nitrogen should only be used by a professional, since improper usage may damage your skin.

Consulting Your Dermatologist


If the seed warts on your skin are a little more than normal, you should definitely consult your dermatologist to find out whether you need to get it removed through a professional or can continue with a home remedy or an over-the-counter product. In case of a dermatologist treating seed warts, follow through with their prescribed immunotherapy treatment plan, as at times, a seed wart could be result of a weak immune system within you.

Using Laser Therapy

When every method of removing seed warts fails, the only options we have in hand is laser therapy. If you don’t mind spending some extra money and want to get rid of seed warts at the earliest, you can get it burnt or cut away with a laser treatment. However, consult your dermatologist about the severity of the warts and side-effects associated with the laser therapy treatment.

Laser Treatment

Last but not the least, seed warts usually take a week to months time before they completely vanish from your skin. So you need to be quite patient and continue your treatment before they are completely gone. Above all, keep your hands and feet dry as much as possible as seed warts grow faster in wet environment. Moreover, seed warts or any other kind of warts on your skin are often a result of weak immune system. To avoid this happen to you, you should keep your immune system strong by following a proper diet plan and a healthy lifestyle.