How To Get Rid of Smoking Addiction

Cigarettes are a lethal weapon against not only your own body but other people as well. Smoking has been rated as one of the deadliest addictions second only to alcoholism. However, with alcohol you are at least guaranteed that when you take it, you are the only one ingesting that dose. With smoking, you and everyone else around you will be taking a sip of the drug.

1. Why do People Get Addicted to Smoking?

The reasons why people decide to smoke are innumerable but the cause of their addiction is only one- nicotine. Nicotine is the drug that is present in the cigarettes. It causes alterations in the brain functions and resulting in behavior the smoker is likely to consider as ‘good’. It is triggers your body to constantly want the cigarettes, even in larger quantities and hence you get hooked.

Most of the time people start smoking during their teens or in their twenties. The primary reason for adopting this habit is social pressure. People watch their friends doing it, relatives, media personalities etc and since everyone is doing it, it must be right. They start and get hooked to the deadly habit. Others will start smoking as a way of dealing with stress and psychological anxiety. The human mind is very powerful; it has a strong self-motivation to cope with anxiety and will do all things necessary. And this is how to get rid of smoking addiction- using the human mind’s self-motivation abilities.

2. Why Quit Smoking, it is Fun After All?

The nicotine in cigarettes gives smokers a temporary ‘feel-good’ effect which is why most smokers think it is a fun activity. This is totally on the contrary. The smoking habit turns into an addiction so easily thanks to this idea that it is fun and once started, stopping is really hard. To add onto the addiction, smokers who are physically unfit tend to contract a multitude of diseases majority of them being fatal ones. There is no fun in death, now is there?

Withdrawal symptoms and drug dependence are consequences of addiction to smoking. Many smokers know how to get rid of smoking addiction but they cannot get through the withdrawal. Severe headaches have been reported by many smokers who try to quit among other problems. Dependence on nicotine is another factor that makes quitting difficult but not as much as how it obliterates the ability to perform tasks. People find it really hard to go about simple activities when they have not had their daily ‘dose’ of the drug.

Quit Smoking

3. So How will You Quit?

As earlier stated, the mind is the only way how to get rid of smoking addiction. Self-motivation is the really helpful when it comes to overcoming just about any addiction. Committing yourself to the cause will prove to be a great way to quit the habit and start a healthier lifestyle. When you decide you want to stop the habit, program your whole body to the endeavor and apply the following tips to help you quit completely:

Get Rid of Everything Concerned with Smoking

The mind preys upon the input coming from the senses. Whatever you see, smell, touch, hear or taste should not remind you of the ‘goodness’ of smoking if at all you want to quit smoking. It is therefore prudent to dispose of all the tobacco products, not matter how expensive they may be and avoid places where you are likely to find these products or smokers.

Stop Thinking about Smoking

A mere thought about smoking could be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Teach yourself to digress from thoughts of smoking and related activities as you might get carried away by your thoughts and find your cravings growing stronger. To distract yourself from such thoughts, find something else you like doing that is as simple, for instance hobbies like listening to music, playing video games etc.

Reprogram your Mind

There is a popular saying among psychologists which goes something like ‘what can be learnt can be unlearnt’. Smoking is a habit that is learnt by association. This means that smokers associate the ‘feel-good’ effect of nicotine with the habit of smoking- thus smoking becomes a good activity. If you teach yourself that smoking is bad, then you will find yourself detesting the habit and finally quitting. For instance, you can try something like placing hot pepper on the tongue every time you experience the urge to smoke. By doing this repeatedly, for a period of time, you will find yourself abhorring the habit. Salt will also suffice; it does not have to be something as hot as pepper.

Detoxify Yourself

Smoking leaves nasty toxins in your body not just nicotine. This is why it is good you are learning how to get rid of smoking addiction. When you have been addicted for a long time, it means that the toxin levels are high and so you have to work hard to complete the detoxification process. It is pretty simple to detoxify yourself. First drink lots of water to clean the blood. Orange juice and grape juice also come highly recommended as they reduce craving for smoking and also help in detoxification. Maintain a balanced diet to restore your health.

Talk to Someone About it

As noted in this article, many smokers know how to get rid of smoking addiction, the only problem is that they do not do it right and cannot get through the agonizing withdrawal symptoms. One way to handle the withdrawal symptoms is to seek help from family, friends and professionals. Tell them your ultimate goal and how you want them to help you. Also find someone who will understands how you feel. An individual who has successfully quit smoking will be of great assistance as they know what you are going through and will understand you. Joining a forum of smoking-quitters will also help as you will meet many other people like you with the same goal of quitting smoking.