How to Get Rid of Sneezing

If some foreign bodies enter the nasal passage, the body gets rid of it immediately. This process is called ‘sneezing’ in simple term. Sneezing is not harmful, nor is it unacceptable in the society. Sneezing is common in every age, and might happen at any time of the day. However, if a person has any sort of allergy and you tend to sneeze a lot, then it might inflame the passage. Again, sneezing, a number of times in short intervals, might also be irritating for you, as well as people around you.

Here are some ways by which you can get rid of continuous sneezing:

Nettle: You can use nettle as an herbal remedy to stop sneezing. It clears off the nasal congestion that might be a chief cause of sneezing. Nettle can be taken in two ways – nettle tea or nettle supplements. The nettle supplements are available over the counters, and they have the instruction to use written on the packet.

Citrus juice: A glass of orange, lemon or any other citrus fruit juice along with vegetable juice rich in vitamin C, will help you stop sneezing. Vitamin C is known to bring down the histamine level of the body, which will stop the sneezing too.

Clean home: Take the pain to clean your house of any specs of dust. Inhaling dust as you breathing will cause you to sneeze in an uncontrollable manner. A clean house – bathroom, bedroom, basement, will ensure that you do not sneeze or get any sort of dust allergy.

Beddings: Even if you clean your house, you might miss out the beddings – mattresses and pillows. It is important to know that beddings trap the maximum dust particles and as you lie or sleep on them they might cause you to sneeze. Moreover, microscopic skin flakes that gather on the beddings can also make you sneeze.

Air filtration: This is a great way to make the air of your house dust free, and make you not sneeze.

Give your pets a proper bath: The fur of your pets and the dirt that accumulates on them can also be the cause of your sneezing. Give your pets a proper bath, and keep them clean as you get rid of sneezing.

If you notice abnormal sneezing, then you must consult a doctor. Sometimes, some medication might be needed to cure the problem of sneezing. Nasal drops will also be of help.