How To Get Rid of Stomach Stretch Marks

No woman is going to avoid having a baby just because of the stretch marks. Some women even seem to wear them as a badge of honor. There is no need to because they can mostly be avoided and even treated. You need to why you get them and how to stop them and then how to lessen them if you do. It is not as hard as you might think.

Weight Gain For Two

Despite what many women seem to think, getting pregnant does not cause stretch marks. Having a baby does not cause stretch marks. Getting fat causes stretch marks. More specific, getting fat fast does.

When you are pregnant you are eating for two but that does not mean start eating for two when you are 6 weeks pregnant. Later on, eating for two does not mean the second one is a lineman for the Dallas Cowboys.

Gain a reasonable amount of weight when you are pregnant and don’t do it all at once. Why? Quick weight gain or loss what causes stretch marks. Make sure the weight you do gain is healthy weight. Make sure your diet has plenty of E, C, Silica, and Zinc.

Get A Head Start

Just because you have not given birth yet does not mean it is to early to start worrying about stretch marks and start working to avoid them.

One of the fist things you need to be doing is massages. Get one of those gloves. This might seem odd but there is a reason. Those massages increase the circulation in the skin of the belly and that helps prevent stretch marks

Next, there is the moisturizers. These too help keep the skin healthy and will help the skin rebound after pregnancy. Creams that have A or E are good and those that contain Alpha Hydroxy in them.

Finally, drink plenty of water. Water is vital in keeping your skin able to stretch safely without the scars.


There are a number of products that can help avoid or heal stretch marks. Some on them are taken internally while most are topical.

  • Skinception™ Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy
  • Castor Oil. You just rub it on like a lotion
  • Lavender. Also used like a lotion
  • Warm Olive Oil. This one has the added advantage of being relaxing and helping with you circulation
  • Calendula Oil. This oil can be used for cooking and is similar to olive oil
  • ChamomileLavender-Almond Oil. A good oil for treating stretch marks
  • Flaxseed Oil. Not only good for bellies but good for hips too
  • Cod Liver Oil. Similar to Flaxseed oil
  • Cocoa Butter. So good for your skin it is used in lotions
  • Egg Whites. Its not something that jumps to mind but it works

The upside to all these are that they are not chemical products so there is no harm to the fetus.


When women think of cosmetic surgery for their bellies they think of being split open and pulled tight. It is not like that anymore. Now it is done with lasers. Instead of cutting they just lighten or darken the marks so they match.

Stretch marks don’t come from pregnancy, they com from not preparing.