How To Get Rid of Sunburn

Everyone loves to sit and relax on the beach and soak up the sun every now and again, but occasionally we can spend too long out there and end up with some painful sunburn. Here we will give you some helpful tips about how you can treat and prevent cases of sunburn.

What Is Sunburn and How Can You Prevent It?

This condition is literally what the name says; it is a burn to the skin where there has been prolonged overexposure to UV rays from the sun. The most basic way to prevent sunburn is simply to limit your time spent in the sun. You should always apply high-SPF sun cream before lying out in the sun and make sure you try and have lots of time in the shade and don’t overexpose your skin to the naked sunlight.


Sunburned woman at beach

As well as limiting your time spent in direct sunlight and applying a good SPF sun cream regularly, you should also try to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes in the light and a hat to keep your face shaded.

When you come inside after being out in the sun, you should apply a good skin moisturiser or after sun cream which will help to sooth the skin and keep it supple. Creams containing cocoa butter are said to be very good at preserving your tan and keeping the skin moisturized. You can also use a good exfoliating wash or wash down with a loofah in the shower so that you remove any dead skin or skin that may be peeling from sun exposure.

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Sunburn Relief Remedies

Once you have gotten sunburn, the only thing you can do is to manage the pain and keep the skin moisturized until it has healed. There are many ways in which you can get rid of the symptoms of sunburn and ease the pain that it is causing you. While you are treating a case of sunburn it is important to stay out of the sun so as not to further cause any trauma to the skin.

Topical Sunburn Remedies

sunburn cream

Woman Applying Cream on Sunburn

Any cream or lotion that keeps the area of sunburn moisturizes and healthy is a great help in easing the pain and promoting the healing process. Although this is often the best method of treatment, if you have sun burn that has begun to blister then you should not put any lotions or creams onto the area. In this case, it can cause infection in the area and you need to make sure the area stays clean and as dry as possible till the blisters heal over. Here are some topical sunburn remedies that you can purchase or make at home to help ease the pain of the condition.

1. Lidocaine


Any cream or product that contains this ingredient will help to dull the pain as it is an anaesthetic.

2. Plain Yoghurt

yogurt for black-spots

Applied topically, this can offer a great sense of cool relief to the area of sunburn.

3. Cold Milk


A washcloth that has been soaked in milk can be dabbed to the area to promote comfort.

4. Skin Friendly Ingredients

Aloe vera

If you are looking for products in the shops, some of the ingredients that are especially beneficial to the skin and should be looked out for are aloe vera, vitamin E, tea, lavender oil and cocoa butter.

5. White or Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is a great remedy for promoting healing and soothing the pain. It also helps to prevent blistering and peeling. Apply using a damp wash cloth or add some to the bath water for a soak.

6. Apply A Cold Wet Compress

Cold Wet Compress

Take a wash-cloth and soak it in cold water. Apply the wet wash-cloth directly to the affected area for 4 to 5 minutes. Again wet the cloth and reapply for as many times as you feel like. Do this for 20-25 minutes at the most. Repeat this several times a day.