How To Get Rid of Tattoos

There are a lot of people who are guilty of getting tattoos that they regretted. These are the people who tattoo a lovers name on their body. These are the same people who get a tattoo of a short lived fad or celebrity. These are the most common tattoos that people end up regretting, but there are many folks who simply outgrow their tattoos as they age. As the skin ages and sags, tattoos can look more unattractive as time goes by. The ink in the tattoos can also leak out causing the tattoo to lose shape. There are plenty of reasons that people feel the need top get their tattoos removed. If this is something that has happened to you, do not fear. It is possible to get a tattoo removed. Getting a tattoo removed is not exactly cheap, but it can be done. Consider all of your options carefully.

  • Excision– It is possible to have a tattoo removed by surgically removing it. This can be done without knocking the patient completely out, but by numbing the area. The doctor then removes the tattooed skin. This is best for small tattoos, but another excision method allows the doctors to remove large tattoos. This is done by expanding and stretching the existing skin to cover the area of the tattoo. Scarring will occur with both methods of excision. There is not a lot of pain involved in this method of tattoo removal. It is one of the most effective in getting rid of a tattoo for good.
  • Laser Removal: It is also possible to remove a tattoo using laser surgery. Laser surgery may require many visits and treatments. A laser is used to dissolve the ink in the skin. The laser cracks into the ink causing it to slowly break down. This is a painful method of tattoo removal. It is also one that comes with a hefty price tag. If you have to go back for multiple visits, which can be expected, you could be looking to pay thousands of dollars.
  • Dembrasion – This is an old method of removing a tattoo. Caustic acids and others substances like sandpaper and salt were used to remove tattoos before laser surgery and other options became available.
  • Glycolic Peels – This method of tattoo removal is not the most effective unless you have a home made tattoo. The ink in home made tattoos does not penetrate into the skin very deeply and are easy to remove.
  • Microdembrasion – This method is not nearly as effective as any of the other methods for removing a tattoo. This method is also very painful. While microdebrasion may not be very effective, it is cost friendly.
  • Old School Methods – Back in the fourth century folks used turpentine and saltpeter to remove tattoos. This was a painful method that often caused infection and serious scarring. The area was scrubbed with salt and the process was repeated for up to twenty days. Sandpaper was also used to remove the skin.