How To Get Rid of the Fear of Childbirth

Lockiophobia, or the fear of childbirth, is a serious psychological disorder. This phobia can be caused by a number of things. Like many other disorders and phobias, its origins lie in previous negative or painful experiences. Women who suffer from lockiophobia have a fear of pain in general, have had a previous painful or bad birthing experience or have developed a fear from birthing horror stories of friends and/or family members. This disorder can be manifested through a number of symptoms.


Although lockiophobia has many symptoms, some doctors have categorized it as depression or post-traumatic stress. Still, it is best to seek treatment for this psychological disorder to reduce its severity. Some symptoms of lockiophobia include: panic attacks, nightmares, becoming easily distracted or loss of concentration and psychosomatic complaints. Due to anxiety over these symptoms some women will opt to have an elective cesarean section rather than a natural birth.

Types of Lockiophobia

Lockiophobia has a couple of classifications. These are referred to as primary and secondary tokophobia. Primary tokophobia is a disorder that develops prior to pregnancy. In some cases this phobia can develop during adolescence. Secondary tokophobia occurs in women who have had negative birthing experiences in the past. These experiences can include: previous bouts of postpartum depression, poor medical attention, a traumatic birth or any other event that caused pain or upset during a previous pregnancy. Both of these types of lockiophobia are treatable.

Solutions for Lockiophobia

There are a number of solutions or treatment options for lockiophobia. Some of these solutions include: educating yourself, having a good attitude, having support, taking control and having realistic expectations. Anyone who has lockiophobia should consider these solutions in order to control their fear and focus on their pregnancy.

-Educate Yourself: Women who research childbirth & pregnancy will not only know what to expect, but will be able to easily overcome their fear. Doing research will insure that you are well informed instead of misinformed.

-Have a Good Attitude: If you think of labor or childbirth as something you dread or fear the more anxiety you will have. Those who look at childbirth as a reward have nothing to fear. Instead they will be excited about the impending birth.

-Support: Surrounding yourself with supportive people during childbirth can be a great source of comfort. Being around people you trust during this time allows you to feel safer and more confident.

-Take Control: Pregnant women can take control of a situation by finding out all of their childbirth options. This can mean choosing a doctor or hospital or coming up with a birthing plan before labor begins. The more comfortable you are, the less stress you have.

-Have Realistic Expectations: Make sure to talk with your doctor about what to expect during labor and delivery. It is better to get this information from doctors as they can offer an unbiased view of the process.

Although there is some pain associated with childbirth, it is a process that should be celebrated. Staying positive and having the right attitude are great ways to overcome lockiophobia. Educating yourself and having realistic expectations will insure that your childbirth experience is one of joy and not fear.