How To Get Rid of Threadworms

It is not really a very pleasant subject to talk about but unfortunately a lot of people around the world have the tendency to develop threadworms. It is mostly children below the age of 10 who develop this disease. However, there are many adults too who are its victim. Threadworms are also known as pinworms. They are small worms that are parasitic in nature and hatch their eggs in the human intestines, mostly large intestines. It may sound a little creepy but they are not something you need to lose your sleep over. Threadworms are pretty common and usually harmless. Good news is that they are not that difficult to get rid of.

How do you identify threadworms?

As the name suggests, threadworms do look like threads and are white in color. The first sign of threadworms is itching around anus or vagina and it usually happens in the night. You can also see them around your child’s hips. Sometimes you will see these white worms in your kid’s stool.


They lay their eggs around anus or vagina and they do it normally in the night. The severe itching is caused because of the mucus left by the worms where they lay eggs. If your kid scratches the affected area the fingers pick up the eggs. When your kid puts the fingers with eggs in the mouth, the eggs get swallowed and then it is hatched in the intestines. If the eggs are left around the anus area, they get hatched there and then the worms enter the intestine through the bowel.

How to get rid of threadworms and also prevent them from reappearing?

Threadworms are pretty common and there is nothing much to worry about them. They can be easily removed. They are also usually harmless. You will be glad to know that there are several medicines available that can easily kill the threadworms. Unfortunately the medicines only kill the threadworms and not the eggs.

The best way to completely eliminate the threadworms is by terminating their life cycle. This is only possible if you are ready to follow good hygiene. First of all, the entire family needs to be resolved to remove the threadworms completely by following good hygiene practices. Everyone in the family must get used to washing their hands and bottoms very regularly.

If the threadworms remain undisturbed, they survive for approximately up to 3 weeks. So the idea is to make sure that they don’t get the opportunity to survive. Here are some good hygiene practices for you. If you are using medication, these practices will need to be followed for about three weeks. However, if you are not using any medication, you will need to follow them for about 6 weeks.

Some hygiene tips to follow

You will need to start with washing all the things that may potentially have threadworm eggs on them. Everything and anything that you think may have come in contact with the eggs will need to be cleaned. For instance, towels, toys, bedclothes, and other items will need to be washed. The ideal temperature of water used for washing the items is around 100-110° F. Make sure that all the items are well rinsed before you start using them again.

Vacuum cleaning the house and dusting properly and thoroughly is also very important. You will need to clean your kid’s room properly as it will have higher chances of leftover eggs. It is highly recommended that you don’t take your meals in the bedroom as you will have higher chances of swallowing the threadworm eggs which may be left on the bed.

Make sure that everyone in the family has cut the fingernails short. If the nails are long, they will have higher chances of carrying the eggs. Strictly discourage people who are used to nail-biting and kids who are fond of finger sucking.

Another important aspect of cleanliness that prevents spread of threadworms is regular washing of hands. The hands need to be cleaned thoroughly especially before the meals. You also need to clean your hands after the use of toilets and also after changing diapers or nappies. You also shouldn’t forget to clean the lower portion of the nails if they are long.

Another important aspect is wearing close-fitting undergarments which most of the family members ignore. Wear clean undergarments before going to bed and don’t forget to change them immediately after getting up in the morning.

Even if you are not used to early morning baths, you will need to change your habit for some time until you get rid of the threadworms. While bathing, do not forget to clean the vagina and anus thoroughly. Also make sure that everyone has separate towel.

If you follow these basic hygiene tips, you will be able to get rid of the threadworms pretty easily.