How To Get Rid of Tinea Flava

If you have Tinea Flava then you know it. You have scaly patches, white in color, across your shoulders and your back. Its caused by a fungus but if you do have it there is no need to worry. The treatment is easy and effective.

Causes of Tinea Flava

Tinea Flava is a common fungus that almost all of us have. Not just us, though, it occurs on other animals as well. Despite the fact that all of us have this yeast infection whether can make it problematic. Warmer weather when mixed with humidity can stimulate its growth. As it spread through your skin it affects the melanin and causes the skin to change color. This is why you want to treat it.

Common Symptoms

The symptom of Tinea Flava are similar to pityriasis which is really a different condition. If it is Tinea Flava you will see these symptoms.

  • The patches are map-like and irregular
  • The patches scale
  • The patches are brownish over red skin and gets worse after showers
  • The patches are very defined
  • The patches start itching in heat but stops when sweating


Most of the time it is very obvious but if there is a question labs can determine it for sure.


Some times it does not need treatment as it just goes away on its own but could just as easily go on for 50 years. Treatment will fix the problem and a doctor can tell you your best option.

  • Topical Anti-fungal. This is the most common treatment. There are a lot of ointments and creams that can be used. Some of the are prescription and some are not. The ones you will normally see are:
  • Ketonazole
  • Clotrimazole
  • Terbinafine
  • Butenafine
  • Nattifine
  • Cicilopirox Olamine

Although each will work on there own, they are more effective when several of them are used together.

  • Oral Treatments. Many people prefer to use the oral treatments. They are much easier than a topical cream and effective. They work by coming up through the skin so a good workout can help. Also, delaying a shower will give the medicine more time to work. Some of the most common include:
  • Ketoconazole
  • Itraconazole
  • Fluconazole
  • Shampoo Anti-fungals. This treatment is said to be easier than creams to use though some doctors think it is less effective. One big advantage that it does have is it can cover large areas better. You also do not need a prescription which is good for treating a occurrence since you already know what it is so that can save you a trip to the doctor. Some of the ones known to help are:
  • Selenium sulfide (shampoo)
  • Ketoconazole (shampoo)
  • Sulfur salicyclic (shampoo)
  • Zinc-pyrithione (shampoo)

A few of these shampoos some are available in prescription strength and these can be mixed with the lower strength ones.

Preventive treatment

This fungus reoccurs 80% of the time so if you have had it once the chances are you will again. There are some things you can do to try to prevent this.

  • If you had a medium case it is best to treat for it again in about a year.
  • If you had a sever case then your doctor might want to put you on a monthly regiment.

Tinea Flava is very easy to get rid of. It just takes a little effort to live a Tinea Flava free life.