How To Get Rid of Toxic Weight

A recent study shows that the toxins in the environment make you fat and are also the cause of increased blood sugar levels. The very thought of this could be incredibly disturbing as you know there is no way you can avoid the environment. You cannot wear the air-mask all the time. And it is not just about wearing the mask when you are on the road. Do you think the toxins do not enter your home through the doors and the windows?

So you are fat and you are tired of it. There could be many reasons for obesity and toxins could be one of them. So the question is; how to get rid of toxic weight? Well the answer can be a lot of things, depending on … well, a lot of things. Confused? See, here’s the thing every individual has unique body structure and also the way in which their body reacts to different things such as exercise, eating habits, lifestyle-related conditions and so on.

How do you take out the toxins from the body?

Without resorting to the medicines and external treatments, isn’t it better you could get rid of toxins naturally? There are many ways the toxins can get inside your body. But there are many ways you can naturally drive them out too. There are primarily four methods through which you get rid of the body wastes; urination, fecal discharge, perspiration, and breathing.

Urination: Did you know that Kidney acts as a filter which removes toxins from the blood and discharges it as a waste through urine? Which means you can discharge a lot of toxins through the urine. So ensure that you drink a lot of clean water every day. You can make out any signs of dehydration through the color of the urine. For a normal person, the color of the urine should be the same as color of water – clear. If you are on certain medicines or health supplements, the color may change to light yellow. However, if you are discharging a dark yellow colored urine with strong odor, chances are your water intake is too less and you are dehydrated.


Drinking a lot of water is important. But drinking a lot of unclean water can be more damaging than being dehydrated. Ensure that the water you drink is clean. It is not always possible to drink bottled mineral water at home. You can get a water filter with reverse osmosis installed in your house.

Fecal Discharge: You need to clean it all out from the stomach. For that a couple of trips to the bathroom during the day should be enough. However, this is not always easy. Did you know that more than 20 percent of the people suffer with constipation? This problem is even more prevalent with older people. But constipation is not something you cannot take care of yourself. Constipation is the result of bad food habits. The best way to get rid of constipation is to increase the fiber in your food. Add fibrous food items, such as oatmeal, in your meals.

The other way to get the comfortable bowel movement is drinking a lot of water. When you drink less water, the colons also get the less supply and they take the moisture from the stool. Due to this the stool dries up and becomes hard causing constipation.

Perspiration: Sweating is another important way of getting rid of the toxins. Ensure that you sweat out profusely at least three times in a week. Working out is the best option to get rid of the toxins through the sweat. Working out not only makes your body sweat, it also has known health benefits. If you cannot schedule a workout or your medical or physical condition does not allow it, you can use steam bath to sweat out the toxins.

Breathing Exercise: You know you cannot wear a mask all the time and you cannot prevent the toxins sneaking in your body through the air. The air is full of toxic wastes like carcinogens, carbon monoxide, and other harmful things. Breathing is so natural that we almost forget that we are breathing. Most of the times our breathing is shallow and thus the lungs do not get filled with oxygen properly. This results in less supply of oxygen to the body. It also means exhaling the toxins out in same proportion. When you breathe deep, you inhale more oxygen and exhale more toxins. There is a yogic technique called Pranayama which helps in proper breathing.

Toxins are not the only cause of obesity so if you are planning to lose weight, do not rely completely on the above suggestions. However, all the four suggestion above will help you have a healthier life even if you don’t lose weight.