How To Get Rid of Urinary Tract Infection

A urinary tract infection (UTI) usually is characterized by stinging feelings that occur while you pee. Most cases of UTI are temporary, but you should learn how to get rid of urinary tract infections fast.

Neglecting this problem could be dangerous. Therefore,the first step would be to see a doctor. This is especially important in the event your case is specifically the cause of a disease. In the worse case, your UTI could be the result of a digestive problem, such as kidney or liver failure.

Once you have been checked out by your doctor you would use one of these methods for getting rid of urinary tract infections:

  • Drink plenty of water. Increase your water intake if you do not drink enough currently. This will help prevent dehydration which could lead to infections in your body that could cause UTI.

As far as when to drink your water, it is suggested that you drink one glass of water before and after your meals, three times a day. You should also have one glass of water after your morning and afternoon snacks and before bedtime.

Warning: Follow the above regimen carefully. Contrary to popular belief, you can drink too much water. To prevent your body from going into shock of any kind-or to prevent your body from experiencing potentially fatal electrolyte imbalance-follow the above suggested water intake.

  • Watch what you eat. While you recover from a urinary tract infection, you should avoid eating too many salty, spicy, sweet, or strong foods. You should also keep the use of processed foods to a minimum.

In addition, be careful not to drink too much alcohol, cola, or coffee. Also, you are of course advised to not smoke if you can at all help it.

  • Try a juice flush. The right combinations of all natural fruits and vegetable juices can prevent toxins from building up in your body. Just puree oranges and cranberries together, or try a vegetable juice recipe using celery, carrots, tomatoes, and spinach.

You could also use a lemon and juice mixture to create a health laxative juice. You might find detail recipes that include a variety of herbs, vegetables, and fruits not mentioned above.

  • Seek emergency help when needed. For instance, if you are in such pain because of a urinary tract infection that you are urinating blood or you cannot even walk or sleep, call for help. Dial 911 or other appropriate local emergency hotline.
  • Take your medicinal treatment as instructed. If your doctor has prescribed some type of painkiller, digestive aid, anti-biotic, or other medicine take the drug as indicated.

Ask doctor to clarify any confusions about the medicine you would be using to help you clear up UTI. The objective of the most comprehensive urinary tract infection treatment is to help clear up the infection that is causing the pain, but also to eliminate the pain.

Additional Thoughts

Usually, if you learn how to get rid of urinary tract infections early enough they are not dangerous or fatal. Even some of the most excruciatingly painful cases have been cleared just by learning about easy tips given by doctors or health professionals. Always get checked out as soon as possible if you experiencing stinging in your urine for longer than a day.