How To Get Rid of Warts By Freezing

Freezing is a great way to get rid of HPV warts, some of which are found only in the genital area and others of which are non-genital warts. You have many reasons to want to get rid of warts even if they are not fatal.

Importance of Treatment

As far as genital warts it is said that there is not really a cure for the HPV that causes these skin pumps to form. However, these warts could spread when itched and in some cases they could be painful and uncomfortable.

Types of Warts

There are several types of treatments that are applied to warts, and these remedies are administered depending on the type of wart you have. The freezing of warts is generally applied to the removal of genital warts, but this process could be used for other kinds of warts.

Please read the descriptions below:

Flat warts – These pumps usually appear on the face, forehead, and arms. Teens and children often get them, but so do adults.

They are fairly harmless and can be treated with vinegar soaked on the affected solution. Another alternative would be to place a prescription or non-prescription medicine on the affected area.

Periungal and subungal warts – The periungal varieties usually grow on your nail cuticles or around your fingernails. The subungal types usually grow under the fingernails.

Common warts – These kinds often grow on the hands, feet, elbows, or knees. Usually they are cauliflower-shaped and they are usually raised. They might have an unsightly appearance but they are not cancerous.

Plantar warts – These are the kind that grows on the soles of your feet. Of all the warts that are not cancerous these cause the most damage because of the pressure put on them when walking.

Genital warts – If not treated, they could spread and another person could become more easily infected. Genital warts are not linked to cervical cancer, but rather a different form of HPV is.

The Freezing Procedure

Cryosurgery is typically used for removing genital warts. This process usually requires application of liquid nitrogen that sheds them off.

This freezing procedure might require several trips to the surgeon or specialist before the warts are removed. Then, one or more of the steps as shown below are used.

  1. A doctor typically uses a magnifying glass to get a better view. It is usually pointed in the locations where the warts exist so that they are most noticeable.
  2. After the doctor has had a good look with the magnifying glass some liquid nitrogen is applied to the warts. This freezing substance is left on the warts until the affect location thaws again.
  3. This freezing and thawing routine that doctors use usually is then repeated several times. An average of three or four cycles of treatment is needed before these warts can be removed.
  4. The place where treatments are most needed is usually in the genital area. Anal warts and/or warts that are on the urethra might also be removed using the freezing method.

Recovering Period

People respond in varying degrees to cryotherapy (cryosurgery) treatments. The success of said treatments depends on the size, number, and location of the warts. In any case, you should seek all the advice you can from your doctor.