How To Get Rid of Warts

Causes of Warts

A single type of virus is the cause of warts, though there are many different strains that result in different forms of warts. The virus lives in the skin and is fed by blood vessels that keep it healthy and strong. Due to the fact that the wart is attached to the capillaries and is actually embedded in the skin, wart removal can sometimes be a fairly painful process.

Warts can spread through contact with an infected area, this can either be direct contact, or through contact with cells that have been shed from infected skin.

Types of Warts

There are several different kinds of wart that all vary in size, shape and appearance.

Plantar’s Wart – A common type of wart which is found growing on the side or base of the foot. They are generally flat and can be quite painful due to the location and the fact that pressure from the entire weight of the body is put on them.

Flat Wart – These small smooth warts are oval or round in shape and are grouped in large numbers of between 20-100 at one time and are found anywhere on the body.

Genital Warts – These are tiny soft flesh coloured lumps which may grow in clumps and resemble a cauliflower. They are found on the genitals, anus or mouth and are spread through contact between these areas.

Wart Treatments

  • Over-the-Counter Wart Cures – There are several different varieties of products that you can buy to speed up the process of getting rid of warts. They are generally designed to either freeze or burn the wart off and destroy the cells which carry the virus.

Home Remedies for Warts

Duct tape – You can cut a piece of duct tape which can be placed over your wart. After six days you can remove the tape and soak your wart. File down the dead skin around the wart and repeat the process till the wart has gone. It is said that because this causes irritation in the area, the body starts to fight the virus.

Garlic – Rub garlic onto the wart and cover with a bandage, apply fresh each day.

Banana or Lemon Peel – Tape a piece onto the wart. The chemicals and oils are said to help repel and heal warts.

Basil – Tape crushed basil leaves to the wart and the virus killing compound in the basil can work to combat the problem.

Vinegar – Tape a cotton ball soaked in vinegar to the wart every one or two hours daily.

Castor Oil – Rubbing castor oil on the wart will help to keep the area moist and causes the rough skin around the wart to relax and come apart.

Surgical Method of Wart Removal – If none of these methods have worked and you are still looking for a solution on how to get rid of your warts, surgery is always a last option. There are a few different types of surgical procedure that a doctor can use to remove warts including:

  • Cryosurgery
  • Electrocautery
  • Lasers
  • Surgical Excision