How To Get Rid of Wheezing

The feeling of being lightheaded and worn out can be very irritating. Wheezing can be a real burden to anyone but if you use a few ideas to get rid of wheezing then you should feel a little better throughout your day.

These solutions for taking care of wheezing include many options relating to keeping oxygen from being unable to get into your lungs. This is also to make it easier for your passageways to actually get open and be relaxed over time, thus giving you a better potential to keep yourself from struggling with breathing.

Oxygen is Often Needed

What you need to understand about wheezing is that it typically occurs when your airways are obstructed and they are unable to get oxygen to move in and out. This can make it easier for your lungs to feel worn out and unlikely to get the air that they deserve.

You might have a better time with breathing if you go in a spot where the air is clean. You’ll have to get into a clean space that has enough oxygen to help you get that wheezing under control.

Canned oxygen products particularly work well with this in mind. These products are typically used by climbers who go up mountains but they may be useful for those who need assistance with breathing. However, you have to be extremely careful if you are going to use such a product like this.


Hydration Also Helps

You can hydrate yourself to thin out mucus and other items in your lungs that might be keeping you from breathing right. This thinning process can be naturally done to protect your airways so you will be less likely to suffer from serious obstruction or irritation issues in your lungs.

Honey Is Especially Useful


Honey may be added to your body to keep inflammation in your airways from being an issue. Inflammation often accompanies different problems in you airways but honey is known to be an agent that can target this problem. It is also antibacterial and will easily take out old materials in your lungs to keep them healthy.

This may work when it is taken on its own but it may also work particularly well if you use honey alongside lemon water. It may be a little easier for it to move down and to break down the mucus and other issues that are keeping you from having clear airways.

Caffeine is Also Helpful

One way to dilate or expand your passageways in your respiratory system is to use caffeine. This is naturally capable of dilating your airways so you can breathe and have an easier time with keeping your lungs in check. It will work over time as it moves into your airways and will protect you as you will have an easier time with breathing. This could be to your benefit if you use it the right way to protect your airways.

Do not overdo caffeine too much as it may irritate the rest of your body. A small amount of caffeine from something like one cup of tea is often all you need to keep wheezing from being a burden each day.

Stop Smoking If You Do

Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker then the odds are the irritation that can get into your airways from smoking can be a huge problem. You’ll have to stop smoking if you already do so you’ll be less likely to suffer from serious issues relating to irritation. This could help you to keep your airways in check and to protect you from serious problems relating to breathing if used right

The thing is that smoking can damage your lungs and airways by creating obstructions in the airways. These obstructions can keep you from having an appropriate amount of air to work with when you are trying to breathe. You’ll have to keep yourself from smoking so you’ll have an easier time with controlling your body and preventing smoking issues from being more of a problem than they have to be.

Wheezing should be controlled with any of these solutions. You must be cautious when getting wheezing in check as the problem can prove to be harmful unless you get it controlled the right way.

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