How To Get Yourself Running

Running is the simplest form of aerobics and cardiovascular exercise. It tones almost all the muscles of your body and is a fastest way of getting back in shape. It pumps up your heart beat. While getting started on a exercise routine is often easy, maintaining ii, is what poses a challenge. Below are a set of quick tips that would help you stay motivated.. Read on, to know more..

  1. Maintain a record of the distance you covered and weight on weekly basis. Also, keeping a track of calories burnt helps you keep track of your progress.
  2. Go shopping. Get a comfortable pair of running shoes/ sports shoes for yourself. Buy new track pants and T shirts, may be a sipper. To maintain a habit, getting some new goodies is always a nice idea as, It means you are putting a piece of your heart into it. These things actually make you look forward to running each day.
  3. Let the music be your buddy: Music increases the efficacy of your workout and lifts your spirits too. So, what are you waiting for.. Go ahead, download some funky tracks on your ipod and go run!!
  4. Do not push yourself too hard. Always set achievable and realistic short term and long term goals for yourself. You should gradually increase the duration and distance/ number of lapses that you take up in a day. Too much, too soon would wear you out and might lead to physical pains and that is a big deterrent in your running goals. You may buy a pedometer to help you stay updated on your progress.


  1. Read some good books regarding running to help you stay motivated. Yo may watch some inspiring movies too. Two of the latest flicks I happened to see are: Bhag milkha bhag and hawa hawai. Another old classic on a similar theme is, Chariots of fire.
  2. Take a partner along. It is easier to set and achieve goals if you have a companion. It also helps you stay more disciplined and competitive regarding your routine. If you cannot manage that, you may even take your pet dog along. Dogs love being playful and are greatest of companions.
  3. Do not run at a stretch. Make your own patterns. There are no hard and fast rules. You may alternate between sessions of slow walking, brisk walk, jogging and running. This keeps your stamina intact. Gradually, you may upgrade as per your comfort levels.
  4. Do not make excuses for yourself. Do not let household chores and other stuff that can wait hinder your habit of running.
  5. Treat yourself, If you meet your weekly/ monthly targets. You may take a day break and relax by indulging in a good aromatherapy or massage session to ease out all the soreness in your muscles and joints and rejuvenate. You can book an appointment for a pedicure or manicure too. You may also cheat a bit and have your favourite snack or probably an ice cream.
  6. Choose a time when you are relatively free of personal and professional responsibilities. Getting up half an hour early is a good idea as you are fresh and so is the environment. Cool breeze feels lovely while running. Who does not like peaceful surroundings and chirping of birds.
  7. Take up different routes as going through the same route each day might get boring after a while. You may also keep certain days for indoor running on a treadmill and certain other days for outdoors. Variety is the spice of life, is not it?