How To Go About Buying A Used Heart Defibrillator?

Businesses as well as individuals can save up to 60% by buying either refurbished or used heart defibrillators. The majority of refurbished defibrillators being sold both online and offline are by businesses that employ professional biomedical engineers working to refurbish used equipment. Defibrillators in most cases are cleaned, some used components replaced and restored to a high quality and durable condition prior to being sold. Even though it’s hard to find used defibrillators that are accompanied by a guarantee or the right to return if it’s not working properly some do come with a limited warranty. Some equipment companies can also offer equipment via a loan program if a unit requires service. Before buying a defibrillator it is important that you do a bit of research and find out more about the sellers that you are considering online. Regardless of if you’re looking to buy one for a doctor’s office, your own home or a mall you need to also consider your budget and the quality of the equipment.

Figure out your budget

Even though refurbished or used heart defibrillators are around 60% cheaper than their brand-new counterparts the fact is that they are still expensive. Before you go out searching it is best to set a realistic budget. Your budget can be based on the average market rate of a defibrillator or it can be based on the allocated budget by the hospital’s finance department. Once you have a budget you can work with shortlisting the equipment you want by price makes things a lot less complicated. Once you have shortlisted all the equipment by price you can follow the steps below to find the right one.

Step no. 1: List what you want


You should start by making a list of the details of every refurbished defibrillator that you are considering. The list can be made in a physical notebook or you can do it on an excel sheet. This will make it easier for you to draw a comparison between each product you’re considering.

Step no. 2: Find out more about the supplier

One of the key steps in buying used or refurbished medical equipment is to determine the credibility of the seller. A professional service will run through a series of safety checks for each device prior to selling it. They will also repair or replace batteries, and any other accessories that may be deteriorating. Call up the suppler and find out if they answer your questions or do you have to deal with voice mail? Search for reviews of people who have purchased from these suppliers, you’ll want to eliminate ones who do not provide a good service or their ability to refurbish products is poor. At this point it’s worth mentioning that paying a few dollars more for better equipment is always a better investment.

Step no. 3: Find out which sellers have a return policy

Ideally, you will want to consider a seller that has a return policy. There should be a reasonable timeframe within which you can check and return the equipment. There are some that offer a mere five day return policy which is impractical, a 30 day policy is more practical. Do not consider suppliers that state that their sales are final despite the low price because you’ll be stuck with expensive repairs if the thing malfunctions.


Step no. 4: Make sure to examine the warranty closely

The better a warranty period and after sales service the more confident the seller is about its refurbishing capabilities. There are some that offer a huge 5 year warranty period and free after sales service. If you’re buying this for a doctor’s office the warranty will help save hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Step no. 5: Find out if there is a loan program

There are some suppliers that offer a loan program, if this is the case find out what they charge for using the loan capability when the machine malfunctions. If you are stuck between two possible choices this should help to tip the scale.

Step no. 6: Search online and offline

You should search both locally and online but if you do search online you’ll have to add shipping costs to the price. Also, consider how long it will take for the seller to ship the item.